Things To Know About Essiac Tea

Most of us turn to alternative medicine to find a cure for our disease. But before you drink whatever is available on the market, you should first learn some basic information on what you are taking in. Having this information will help make sure that you are safe to drink the alternative medicine that you choose to. There are some people who may have an allergy to the different components of the alternative medicine that they choose. An allergy to the different herbs depends on the make-up of your body. This is why you should know what your drink is composed of.

What is this tea?
A special kind of tea is a composed of a mixture of 4 main herbs. These herbs are sheep sorrel, slippery elm, rhubarb and burdock root. This formula is the most common formula for the tea that is believed to be able to cure different illnesses. There are also other variations of this kind of tea that includes additional herbs such as kelp, watercress, red clover or blessed thistle. Each of the different herbs has different effects in the body. With them combined more positive effects to your body is believed to be given.The herbs used have different effects on the body. Some of the herbs are capable of detoxifying the body to properly cleanse it. Others help prevent inflammation while there are also some other herbs that have antimicrobial properties. These will help you to fight against the many diseases that microorganisms cause.

The origin of this tea
The original 4 herb formula is believed to be created by a Canadian nurse. The name of the nurse is Rene Caisse, this is also where the term essiac was created from (it is Caisse spelled backwards).  It is said that an Indian man gave her the formula and she used it to treat people with various diseases. Because of the combination of the different herbs, its effects in the body is also various. Stories about the tea being able to heal different kinds of illness began to spread and this made the tea popular to those who believe in alternative medicine. They started to sell them as medicine but it faced a lot of controversy in its ability to cure the different illness. A lot of people still question its ability to cure different illness. Different people have different experiences about the product and because they have not scientifically proven its abilities, it was released as a form of alternative medicine.

What is the tea for?
Essiac tea is believed to be able to cure lots of different diseases from cancer to simple headaches; there are people who testify about its benefits. There are still a lot of debates on its ability to be able to cure cancer. The different herbs help prevent the growth of malignant cells. This may be the reason why it is believed to cure cancer. Inflammation at a cellular level may also be one of the causes of having cancer and it is a good thing that some of the herbs help prevent inflammation. It is also capable of detoxifying the body. In this way, it acts as a cleanser to help keep the body clean and free from toxic substances.

How does it taste?
The taste of this tea might take time to grow on you. Some people describe the taste as a strong earthy herbal tea. Some people might even describe it to be bitter. This is something that not all kids would love but with today’s technology, they have been developing ways on how to give these to their customers without the taste. One of the developments made it possible for the tea to be taken through a pill form. In this way, you would still be able to get the benefits from this tea without tasting it. Pills will make it easier for you to ingest this teaand gain from its benefits.

Commercializing tea
Today, there are lots of formulas of this kind of tea that are available. You can now readily get them in your local stores or through the internet. Before, you have to boil the mixture of herbs to have the tea. But today, companies would do this for you. They can send you the extracts that are ready to drink so that you do not have to boil the herbs. There are also some companies who develop the tea in powder form. With this, you just have to add water to it to be able to drink it. Others also produce it in a pill form. This is perfect for people who do not want to taste the tea. There are also teas that are available for your pets. Now you and your pet could be healthy with the help of this tea. It is safe for both humans and animals to drink.

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