Things To Remember When Throwing A Party In December

Things To Remember When Throwing A Party In December

No matter the month, throwing a successful party can be difficult. It requires a lot of planning, patience, and labor. You don’t only have to think of the party itself; you also have to deal with the cleaning afterwards.

Throwing a party in December adds another level of difficulty. Here are a few things you need to remember if you are organizing an event in December:

Plan Ahead

While it is normal for you to plan ahead for parties, December requires a lot more preparation. Thanksgiving has just finished and Christmas is fast approaching. This means that if you plan to buy decorations or food, you might want to buy these things ahead.

You might end up not getting to buy what you need if you plan to buy them last minute. A lot of people throw parties during December so plan everything you need with the date in mind. Buy everything at least 2 weeks ahead to make sure that the stores still have enough stock of the things you need. If you plan to host a party on or near Christmas, you may want to plan earlier than 2 weeks.

If you are planning to throw a big party which requires getting a venue, you may even need to reserve it ahead of time. December is one of the busiest months of the year. This month is also one of the most popular months to get married. If you don’t plan ahead, you might not get your desired venue.

Choose a Theme

When you decide on a party theme, your party would have a direction and it becomes easier for you to decorate and cook the food you need. It also makes your party more exciting.

You stray away from a typical party and create a theme or event that people would look forward preparing to. You can also stick to the normal Christmas party themes to keep the weight off the shoulders of your guests. However, it wouldn’t be bad to mix things up. What’s important is to set a theme so it wouldn’t make your guests second guess what to wear and bring. At the same time, you’d have a direction on what you need to prepare for.

Invite Friends, Family, & Acquaintances

If you live in lively cities like Los Angeles or New York, chances are you have friends from different parts of the country. Whether the people you invite are close friends or acquaintances, inviting different kind of people for a party is a good way to widen your circle. If you invite only your close friends, you can spend quality time with them.

On the other hand, if you invite acquaintances, you widen your network of friends and you can help them meet new people. You make friends, and you also help others who may be new to the city to meet others.

In addition to that, during December, some people go home for the holidays, but some might not be able to. If some guests can’t come home for the holidays, you’ve at least made them feel a little light-hearted by helping them bond with others during this festive month.

Think of New and Fun Activities to Do

December is usually for intimate family gatherings, but if the party is meant to be spent with friends and acquaintances, make it light. Think of cool party games and activities that really require your guests to be active. You can also think of games that help them get to know each other better. This way, the party is intimate in the sense that people feel more connected but still appropriate that it doesn’t feel invasive.

There you have it – a few tips to keep your December parties well thought out, fresh, and playful. Be sure to have these things in mind when you plan your next December party.

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.