If you aiming on adding extra inches in your height then there are high chances of you committing some serious sins which are hampering the desired results you want. So if you too are after increasing your height by taking out various measures here are some common mistakes which a person makes while pursuing his aim to grow taller.


NOT GIVING YOUR DISK AN OPPUTUNITY TO RELAX- Our spine is the key to increase height as it is that part of body which still can be increased even after the age of 23. During the day it holds and support our body leading it to decrease in size y the night. To get it back in the original size a person needs to have a proper posture and sleep. If you don’t make it relax you will end up decreasing height at the end of the year.

CONSUMING EXCESIVE SUPPLEMENTS- the most common mistake people do while taking measures to grow taller is the excessive consumption supplements. Most of the people think that the consumption of vit A and D will instantly trigger the growth hormone in a person. This belief is totally false, although it can help in retaining the height but it can’t give your height an instant boost. Moreover continuous and large consumption of these unneeded supplements can lead you fall prey to the disease like goiter and increased bone joints.

GROWTH HARMONES HAVE BAD INFULENCE ON ADULTS- The growth hormones are most casually used remedy which is taken by the people to increase the height but the bitten reality is that it doesn’t work on the adult person as in adulthood your body stops making growth hormones as well as cant accept the artificial growth hormones. They only work on the children because there hormone secretion glands are highly active and hence there body can respond to the consumed growth hormones. Moreover some of these growth hormones have side effects too like disproportionate height, excessively elongated part of body, turning into a big foot etc.

SWIMMING MYTH- Most of the people just joins the swimming because it is commonly said that “swimming increases the height”, it is true but to an extent. The swimming measure to grow tall will not work until you swim in the particular style. Normal swimming will not bring out the same change as of the swimming in a specialized style. The most effective swimming styles to grow tall are back stroke and butterfly.

STRETCHING EXCERSISES- People thinks that stretching exercises can instantly increase their height but it is wrong. Every stretching exercise needs to be proper gated for at least six weeks for the growth of 3 inches. Therefore if you think that exercising these exercises for a week or two will make you grow tall to 2 inches you are grossly mistaken. To gain height keep practicing these exercises under a persistent and constant routine

By overcoming these short comings you will definitely reach your goal of growing tall.