Things You Should Know Before Visiting Costa Rica

Before we travel to a foreign country, it is important to prepare ourselves. It is a good idea to properly learn about a country that we want to visit to avoid confusion and problem. Cultures could vary radically and a very small misunderstanding can become a serious issue. We should be able to get prepared by learning about the laws, culture and basic lifestyle of different countries. Costa Rica could be significantly different than many North American and European countries, so it is important for travellers to learn more about the country. As an example, travellers should know how to get around to different places.

In general, the main form of transportation is buses and it’s also the easier and most efficient way. We should be aware that buses in the country are sometimes cramped and small, so it is important to bring minimal luggage to avoid discomfort. Car rent can be quite expensive and an insurance protection is often needed. Business hours in the country are generally similar to other countries. Offices should open between 8 AM to 4 PM or between 9 AM to 5 PM. The lunch break is typically around 0:30 PM. Compared to the neighbouring countries, Costa Rica has relatively advanced healthcare system.

Costa Rica is a good place to drive and accident rates are generally low. Speed limit signs are often placed on the road and we should obey them. The average speed limit is around 50mph, which allows us to reach many areas within a day. When we enter Costa Rica, we should be prepared to have our luggage screened. We should declare it, if we carry foodstuff, produce and valuable items. Alcohol is legal for people above 18 years old. When we leave Costa Rica, we will need to pay the exit fee that’s around USD 30. Basic knowledge about these details should allow us to avoid problems when we are travelling in Costa Rica.

It could be exciting to know about overlooked details that are not stated on the brochures or travel websites. As an example, water heaters in the country have different constructions and designs, with more plastic tubes, instead of insulated materials. This could mean that hot water won’t be as hot as what we get in other countries. By understanding this small fact and thousands of others, we would be better prepared to enjoy Costa Rica with more comfort. Costa Rica has fully treated water purification system and it’s safe to drink. The level of electrification is actually similar to many developed nations.

In Costa Rica, dancing is a big activity and we should be able to find many dance clubs in the country. People in Costa Rica regularly send their laundry for washing and laundry mats are rare in the country. Washer or dryer in an accommodation could be considered as an amenity. In general, Costa Rica is a peaceful and lovely country and there should be many things that we can see and do.