Things You Should Never Overpay For

I am a bargain shopper in every sense of the word.  Everyone knows I don’t pay full price for anything and have coupons for just about everything.  I’m the gal people come to when they want to know if they paid a good price for something.  I was born with the need to score amazing deals!  This being said, I’m tired of seeing people overpay for a number of things like auto insurance and technology peripherals.  There are so many resources available on the Internet for our everyday necessities that are competitively priced; you just have to find them.

Technology Peripherals
When I visited a big box store to purchase a HDMI cable for our new HD TV, I nearly fainted when I saw the price tag.  After spending all that money on a new TV, I got sick to my stomach thinking I had to pay a bunch more just for a simple cable.  After doing a quick internet search, I found online sources selling the cables for as cheap as $5.  I couldn’t believe that I was about to drop close to $50 for one.  The same goes for other items like ink, USB cords, and cell phone adapters and chargers.  I know I’m helping put the big box stores out of business, but I’m sorry, I refuse to be swindled like that.  I work too hard for my money and will not throw it out the window.
Auto Insurance
When was the last time you revisited your auto insurance policy?  If you’re like many people, you haven’t looked at it since you bought your last car and even then, you just put the same coverage on your new car as you had on your old.  Even after watching auto insurance commercial after commercial, people are still paying too much for their car insurance.  I guarantee if you check auto insurance quotes online and shop around, you will find quite a few car insurance companies whose premiums will knock your socks off and make you want to slap yourself for paying so much money for so long.

When you are about to purchase anything, remember the internet is your friend.  Avoid making purchases without doing a simple search; at the very least, you’ll see what you should expect to pay for it.  Doing the research and comparing prices may take a little time, but it can save you tons of money.
Mercedes Potter is an elite writer and discusses items consumers could save money on. To see what else she’s been talking about, follow her @CedesPotter.