Thinking Of Touring The Country? 4 Steps To Complete Before You Go

Thinking Of Touring The Country? 4 Steps To Complete Before You Go

Most people who own an RV dream of taking to the open road and seeing the whole country at least once. The magic of such a trip cannot be overstated nor imagined at times. If you’re about ready to embark on this trip of a lifetime, it’s important to prepare. While there are plenty of little tasks that you’ll need to do before you go, be sure to pay attention to the following four. They represent some of the most important ones on your journey.

Vehicle Inspections and Repairs

A big trip takes a toll on even the best vehicles. That’s why it’s wise to get a thorough check of your rig. If an RV repair is in order, don’t put it off. Make sure that all the hooks, tires, latches and other moving parts work the way they’re supposed to. If the heating and air conditioning need to be fix, fix them. You may even want to take a short trip before the big one. This gives you an opportunity to observe the RV on the road and to take note of any additional repairs that might need to be done.

Making Lists

Once you’ve taken your short test trip, it’s likely that you’ll realize there are items you need to have on hand in order to live comfortably but which are not yet in your RV’s stock. This is the time to make a list of supplies. While you’ll definitely stock up again on the road, filling your drawers and pantries before you go with save you a bunch of hassles of having to buy a swimsuit or a Dutch oven because you forgot them.

Contact Your Bank

Most banks have a fraud department, which is great if you want to keep your money safe. However, any kind of activity that looks suspicious will kick off the fraud detector on your bank card. This presents a potential problem for travelers who use their bank cards hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. Think how it might look living in Oregon but buying breakfast in a diner in Maine.

This activity, though legitimate, kicks off the fraud warning systems for most banks. That’s why it’s important to contact your bank ahead of time. Let your banker know you’ll be traveling, where you’re likely to go and how long you’ll be on the road. While you still may get the fraud warning texts occasionally, these issues will be easier to correct if your bank knows what’s going on ahead of time.

Plan But Don’t Overplan

Serendipity and spontaneity should be a part of this big journey of yours. While you should have some plans in place, it’s vital that you don’t overplan. If you do, you’ll miss many of the side trails and off-road attractions that make these trips so special. So, by all means, pack your GPS and digital maps and mark off an itinerary if you need to. Just don’t overdo it.

Traveling the country in an RV conjures up images of the great road trip novels, where adventure and enlightenment wait just around the bend. However, as wonderful as these trips can be, they do take some preparation if you want to pull them off successfully. Having your RV checked and making lists can help cut down on unpleasant surprises, while having a willingness to let go a bit opens up a whole new world, one you’ll find along the highways and byways of the world.