Three Delicious Culinary Team Building Activities

Team building is an excellent way of bringing staff members together in an environment other than the workplace, in order to facilitate communication, trust and good relations. The popularity of team building events has grown substantially over the past few years, as companies are looking to increase efforts to boost staff morale and retain talent. Team building events often incorporate physical activities, but although they are exciting they can also exclude staff members who simply don’t enjoy physical team building challenges. However, an alternative team building idea to physical tasks is a culinary evening, which every member of staff can enjoy. After all, people naturally gather around food and warmth. Here are three culinary team building ideas that will inspire a relaxed but productive evening.

Sushi Making Evening

Sushi is a much loved culinary import from Japan, although few people know how to make it. Making sushi is an art and one that requires a bit of a team effort, making it an ideal indoor team building activity. Many restaurants and private individuals host sushi making evenings, making it accessible and cost effective. Normally, staff members will work in pairs to create different types of sushi, such as maki, California rolls and fashion sandwiches, following instructions from a sushi chef. After the creations are complete, staff members can enjoy their creations. A caution is to ensure that all your staff members enjoy sushi and are comfortable with raw fish.

Food and Wine Pairing

For a more European inspired evening, food and wine pairing lessons is a delightfully cultural evening and one with a practical lesson too. Staff members can relax and sip on a variety of wines, and learn how different wine varieties interact with food on the palette. What is not to like about delicious wine and mouth watering food? Just ensure that all staff members have no religious restrictions on drinking alcohol.

Pizza and Games Evenings

For a more lively evening with team building challenges, consider a pizza evening night with games, such as cards, ’30 seconds’ and charades or organise a quiz evening. Pizza is easy enough to make, and some local evening pizzerias do hire out their restaurants for private events. The easiest way to conduct this team building evening is to have the restaurant offer a range of toppings; then staff members can simply make their own pizza creation. With all culinary team building events, be knowledgeable of any dietary requirements or allergies of staff members.
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