Three Men’s Fashion Looks For Spring Showers

It happens to be spring, but this doesn’t mean we’re ready for men’s fashion to hit summer. There’s the awkward period where it may look bright and sunny one minute but turn into a rainy day in the blink of an eye. Men’s fashion tips don’t include predicting the weather but they can prepare you to look your best no matter the outcome. Let’s check out some of the best looks and styles that men’s fashion in 2012 can offer you during a spring rain.

The Mac Coat

The Mac coat is not to be confused with the trench coat; the trench coat is more World War II while the Mac coat is more Humphrey Bogart in noir films. It works with suit coats for a mod look being pretty much a men’s fashion evergreen in terms of fashion advice because it works well with just about anything. It keeps you warm while looking hot and is subtle enough not to detract attention away from the more flamboyant fashion statements you’ll want to make. It works really well as an item of clothing for the men’s fashion staple in the UK of layering. For a flattering silhouette, keep the Mac coat open while buttoning up a suit jacket underneath and match them up with a good sturdy pair of leather shoes for an ultra extravagant look.

A Nylon Anorak

Perhaps some less heavy and more casual form of men’s fashion advice? Well then may I suggest the nylon anorak; it is lighter in weight and substance allowing for more customisation of the entire look. Mix it up with a trilby or paperboy hat and you’ve got two completely different looks. A useful tip for the nylon anorak is to take a size or two smaller than you would with a shirt because they are often already widened and you want a sharper look.

The Lightweight Trench Coat

The trench coat is a mainstay of men’s fashion, as any magazine will feature on at any given time, but the lightweight trench is a new trend that is growing quite popular. With a thinner fabric it’s most pliable and less intrusive; often a flaw in the trench coat is that it’s unwieldy indoors and often you’ll find you take it off very easily. The lightweight trench coat is more breathable while still keeping you warm. Match it up with a scarf and you have a very popular men’s fashion look for the spring season.

These three looks are all customisable enough to mix and match; it will definitely be enough for the spring transition into summer fashion. Men’s fashion in spring is not to be underestimated and can make the right impression in the right circumstance.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and fashion consultant who is at home in waterproof trousers as he is in summer fashion; he enjoys sharing his fashion advice with the internet.