Three Subscription Boxes to Avoid and Two You Really Need

There’s nothing like a subscription box. They can be a great way to tell someone that you love them. But if you subscribe to the wrong type of boxed gifts, it sends a different message: that you didn’t really try.

Some box ideas are practical while some are inspired, whether you want to send a thank-you to the office of your neck and spine specialists, show a loved one you’re thinking about them, or just get a little something for yourself. Others seriously miss the mark. Here are three boxes that have fallen short, and two great boxes you should definitely consider.

Subpar Subscription Boxes

Bandanna of the Month Club

If you’re someone with a photogenic, Instagrammable dog, or if you just love dressing your puppy up in bandannas, you may be tempted by the Bandanna of the Month Club. Thing is: most dogs don’t really like bandannas. While it’s a good idea to give some dogs coats for the cold weather, and some dogs need boots to protect their paws in extreme conditions, dogs don’t always do well with clothes on their skin.

Your dog is a living being: not a fashion accessory. Even if you do get the occasional bandanna, there’s just no need to have a new one every month, and you should make sure Fido really is OK with it. Give your pooch a break.


Are you looking for a way to tell your grandparents that you don’t want them to bequest you anything in their will? Then Grandbox is for you. Grandbox are somewhat cagey about what they offer in their boxes, but promotional photos include candy canes, chocolate bars, and soaps, edibles that might not be appropriate and things that don’t really represent the appreciation for your elders you want to convey.

Though gift boxes in pretty packaging are nice, it’s likely that your grandparents would rather receive gift items that you have personally picked out for them, or spend some time together over a nice meal. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right to pass off choosing gifts for your aged relatives to complete strangers with a few clicks of a mouse.

Dollar Condom Club

Do you need a way to buy condoms without anyone knowing what you’re up to? Though condoms are easily available with little stigma nowadays, if you happen to need condoms delivered discreetly, there is now a subscription box for that. The box offers a large degree of customization, and doesn’t necessarily include only condoms. However we’re not completely sure they’re the finest quality on the market — and this isn’t an area where it pays to cut corners.

Recommended Boxes

Fortunately, there are some great boxes you should definitely consider getting, and here are two of the better ones:

Coffee of the Month

The coffee subscription boxes available from this company will give you access to amazing offerings from all around the world. All the beans are freshly roasted weekly, and you can decide how much coffee you want and how often you want to receive a delivery. They’ll deliver to your home, your office, or even abroad. Best of all, you can get 6 ounces of coffee beans to try for free to see what you think of it before you commit to a regular delivery.

Raw Spice Bar

Are you trying to stop relying on takeout and cook more for yourself? Good for you! It can be hard to get started when you’re not used to cooking. This box from Raw Spice Bar is a great way to get inspiration — and taste — that you might not be able to get on your own.

You choose recipes that appeal to you, and they’ll send you the spice kits. Give them some information about what you like to eat, your dietary needs, and your favorite cooking methods, and they’ll recommend the perfect spice blends for you. Additional recipes using the spices, and photos of the delicious dishes you can make, can be found on their website. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking like a pro.