Three Tested and True Homemade Remedies Against Fleas

Even though most people believe dogs are the number one flea carrier in the United States, the truth is cats are far more often affected by these parasites. And if you happen to have several pets, as well as children (as many people do), you might find yourself trapped inside a vicious circle, where getting rid of fleas becomes a seemingly unattainable goal. The fact of the matter is that fleas will not survive in the absence of a host and that flea control solutions for animal coats do work. However, animal fleas can jump on humans and survive for a while by feeding off them, until the anti-flea solution effect passes. What’s more, their eggs can fall onto just about any surface – usually in the best hidden nooks and crannies.

Without proper cleaning and professional flea extermination, trying to get rid of these pests will soon start to look like a situation with no exit. Yet, even before you call in the exterminator, right after you’ve treated your bite marks with some emulsion and applied the vet-prescribed treatment to your pets, there are certain things you can do to improve your situation. Here are a couple of quick and easy initial flea control solutions:

  • Mothballs

It goes without saying that mothballs should be used sparingly and placed in spots where they cannot be reached by pets or children. You can try putting some in hard-to-reach spots, such as behind the couch, where flea eggs tend to fall – and you can even use them in the vacuum cleaner, broken down to powder. Bear in mind that the vacuum will eliminate some fumes and that you will need to clear the air in the room for a prolonged period of time before you allow pets or children within the room. But by vacuuming with mothballs twice a day for a month you are guaranteed to become flea-free.

  • Water- based vinegar solutions

Water and white vinegar mixes are the go-to solution for many issues encountered by pet owners. First of all, they deter pets from sitting or urinating on spots that have been sprayed. Secondly, they clear out some of the odor that comes with pet ‘accidents’. And last, but certainly not least, by frequently reapplying this mix, you will ward off fleas and kill flea eggs. The only problem with this solution is that you will have to use it a lot, in order for it to become effective.

  • Garlic

If your kids have suffered flea bites, a great and cheap way to soothe their bites and ward off fleas is to cut a garlic clove in half and rub their feet, armpits, areas behind the ears, and tops of their heads with it. Sure, the smell won’t help the little ones become more popular, but you can be sure there will be no fleas within a sizeable radius of them. Make sure the garlic doesn’t come into contact with the children’s eyes or mouths, as this will cause a strong burning sensation. Also, if you can get your kids to eat the garlic, this will also help repel parasites.