Three Ways To Get Lower Car Insurance Quotes

Lower car insurance quotes….we all want them, but exactly how do you go about getting them?  Why does it seem like no matter what you do, you’re always paying a little bit more than everyone else you know? That’s probably not actually true, but it can seem like the quest for lower auto insurance just goes on and on without an end in sight.  Before you throw in the towel and just take whatever you can get, take a look at these three ways to help you get lower car insurance quotes.

Ask For Discounts

In the world of car insurance and more importantly, lower car insurance quotes, discounts are the way to go.  Every auto insurance provider offers discounts that will help you knock a few dollars off the price of your coverage.  The key is to figure out which ones apply to you and ask for them if they haven’t been offered to you.

Discounts for age, gender, clean driving record and a low claim history are pretty standard, but they don’t comprise the entire list. You can often get discounts for living in a statistically safe area, having low mileage, or even driving a car that gets in fewer accidents.  Adding various safety features to your vehicle can also land you some discounts because in the eyes of the insurance company, it is now a safer car.  
Just remember to ask what kinds of discounts your provider offers and which ones you can take advantage of, in order to get the lowest car insurance quotes possible.

Get a Referral

Sometimes, following in the footsteps of people you know is the surest way to lower car insurance quotes.  Most people have a friend or family member who has been with their insurance company for ages and raves about the wonderful rates they enjoy.

Why bother trying to re-invent the wheel, when all you want are some great rates?  Ask around amongst your family members and co-workers and see who they use.  Sometimes, you’ll be able to piggyback right on in and get yourself car insurance quotes that are lower than you thought.  
You may even be able to help out the person who referred you if the company has a referral program ofsome sort.

Use a Broker

In many cases, a car insurance broker is the way to get the lowest car insurance quotes possible.  A broker has more freedom than an agent who works for a specific company, as they can shop you around to multiple providers, searching for the best deal. A broker maintains relationships with many different insurance providers, so after you have your initial consultation, he or she can find the best situation for your needs.  Using a broker also saves you quite a lot of times, as you don’t have to approach multiple companies personally.  Unlike an agent, a broker works just for you and isn’t limited to using products from just one company.

Finding low auto insurance rates is a difficult task. Look to the experts at Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario for online search methods to find the best car insurance quotes in Ontario.

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