Three Ways To Integrate More Visual Appeal Into Your Local Business Blog Posts

It doesn’t take much time exploring the current trends in social media to discover the importance of using visually appealing content.  Your local business blog competes with the various social media platforms for your customer’s attention. Therefore, it is crucial your blog is eye catching and draws in readers. There are three easy ways you can incorporate visual content in your blog.
Leverage your local business Pinterest account. If your business has a Pinterest account, it is important to take every available opportunity to promote this content to your blog readers and customers. One way to do this while also bringing in more visual content is to feature a story on your blog which is based on one or more of your Pinterest boards. Use photos from your board(s) throughout the post. This cross integration is a great opportunity to add context around your board or perhaps share additional content or a story which deepens your readers’ connection to your Pinterest content.

Utilize video content. Does your local business have a new product or service it could share with customers via video? Have you integrated video blogs into your posting routine? Both of these are great ways to incorporate video into your blog. They also keep your blog from developing a static feel. Often one of the easiest ways in which to display video on your blog is to upload it to YouTube and then then create a feed on your blog page. The great part about posting content in this fashion is your local business is able to get publicity not only through the blog, but also another platform, YouTube. If you spend some time titling the content and adding a description to your YouTube upload, you increase the chance that individuals who are actually looking for your subject matter will find it.
Illustrate your point. Although not all content will lend itself to this approach, often it can be helpful to use an image, diagram, or better yet, an infographic to illustrate a point in your blog post. Often sharing your content in another manner can help your readers more fully understand the information or make a deeper connection with it. Further, it is easy for your readers to share a brief visual, which links to your story, with friends or other people they believe would enjoy the topic. It’s good to keep in mind you also don’t need to necessarily create the visual yourself. As long as the image has a license that allows you to share it and you appropriately give credit, you can save yourself time by locating one online.
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Chris Marentis, CEO and founder of Surefire Social, leverages the internet to generate leads and boost local businesses across North America.