Three Ways To Make Your Beach Wedding Foolproof

Three Ways to Make Your Beach Wedding Foolproof
Destination weddings are fast becoming romantic alternatives to church or civil weddings in commonplace venues. Beaches rank high in the list of romantic nuptial backdrops for most blushing brides, especially those who love the combination of sun, sand, and surf. Any beach offers many exciting possibilities for betrothed couples, and for guests who truly can appreciate a sun-kissed romantic ceremony.

However, couples have to recognize that many things can go wrong when holding a wedding and reception in the great outdoors. Mother Nature, after all, can either be a gracious or mischievous guest. To prevent anything from marring your big day, consider these three tried-and-tested tips.

Coordinate with the local authorities or the beach resort.
In any place you may choose to hold your wedding ceremony and reception, it’s good to coordinate with the people who are familiar with the place, its weather conditions, local transportation options, and how you can make the event run without a hitch. If you are holding the ceremonies in a private beach resort, chances are the staff will have most of the big things covered, such as hotel accommodations, transportation, venue, and even minor details of the wedding like putting up canopies in case it rains.
Locals are also the most knowledgeable resources for weather conditions, and which months are best to hold your nuptials. So if you’re holding your wedding at a public beach, make sure to ask the assistance of locals who can make your big day more memorable with unique touches and a spot of good advice or two.

Provide thoughtful extras for your guests.
If it’s a summer beach wedding, make sure your guests won’t get sunburnt or dehydrated! Prepare a wedding care package for your guests containing a sealed bottle of drinking water, a hand fan, a small pack of sun screen, and maybe a mosquito repellent just to be on the safe side. Also, be sure to specify the kind of attire you’d want your guests to be most comfortable wearing during your wedding. As you pick out your own wedding outfit, make sure to keep your guests’ and entourage’s comfort and stylishness in mind, too. Gowns and heavy formal dresses are not very practical options for the beach. Something light and summery usually does it.
Consider wedding packages for convenience.
You may be tempted to do your wedding planning all by yourself, but bear in mind that a destination wedding requires more, advanced coordination. Get in touch with a reputable planner and consider wedding packages so you won’t work yourself into a frazzle up until your big day. From the kind of cake to the entourage outfits, to honeymoon accommodations and trimmings, down to the give-aways and other seemingly small details of a nuptial ceremony, you are bound to heave a sigh of relief when your realize that all you have to do is show up at your own wedding, fresh as a daisy, and ready to walk down the sandy aisle to say “I do”.
Sharon Sussman has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Touro College and is now Director of Products at She has been involved in information dissemination on diamond cuts and the jewelry industry overall for 10 years.