Three Ways to Protect Your Retail Shop

When you own a retail shop, you are responsible for your business as well as your shoppers and any employees who work for you. Retail shops can include small clothing stores and gas stations that sell cold drinks and snacks. Thieves and robbers view those shops as potential victims because they know that they can get in and out quickly while also getting all the money they want. Whether you work there full-time or have employees who handle that shop for you, there are methods you can use to keep everyone safe.

Install a Security System

Though you may not have enough cash to pay for a full-time security guard, you can install an affordable security system. These systems consist of one or more cameras that you can direct towards the register and at other spots around the shop. You can choose a system that saves the footage for up to 24 hours or longer. Many systems come with decals that you put in your windows to let thieves know you have protection. You can also purchase a system that comes with an app you can download. That app lets you access the security cameras and view the live feeds anytime you want.

Train Employees

It’s important that you train your workers and let them know what they can and cannot do. Even major companies like Walmart and Target tell their employees not to go after anyone stealing. Let your workers know that they can call you or that they call the police for help but that they shouldn’t talk directly to anyone stealing or breaking the law. You may find it helpful to install an alarm button behind the register too. Silent alarms let workers press a button to call for help without letting anyone in the store know that they did.

Keep Weapons On Hand

If you spend a large amount of time in your retail shop, you may want to seriously consider investing in a weapon like a shotgun to keep your store safe. When you have a fireproof gun safe behind the counter, you can easily reach that weapon when you need it. This also lets thieves know that you are armed, which may cause them to leave without causing any problems. With a weapon, proper training and a security system, you can keep your retail shop safe from all types of threats.