Time To Switch To Green Laundry

Green Laundry

The human race came about, dominated and tamed various elements of environment. In this process of taming and moulding it according to their requirement and for their betterment, the environment has been degraded to a great extent.  It is only now, that environment awareness and the idea of saving the environment for the future coming generation is seeping in. Thus, the world is moving towards repairing the damage done and coming up with eco-friendly techniques.

The world is coming up with eco-friendly techniques not just for big processing units but for simplest of things like laundry and chimneys at a domestic setting. Change in mere domestic habits can make a huge difference in the way environment is affected. For instance, wasting water, using strong chemical based detergent on clothes to clean them and draining the same highly chemical infused water in the nearby water-body would adversely affect the environment.

Therefore, we can say something as easy and simple like dry cleaning & Laundry services can have a big impact on the planet than you or I might think.

As the world is moving towards eco-friendly techniques in various area, so have the people in major metropolitans and growing cities in India have done.

Delhi NCR and Gurgaon have gone ahead and taken up eco-friendly techniques in the most basics of domestic processes like dry cleaning and Laundry services. They have come up with dry cleaning and laundry services that are not just eco-friendly but online as well, thus, are convenient and good not just for the people but also for the environment.

Dry cleaning in Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other growing cities have gone green and further, propagate the concept of eco-friendly laundry at various levels. The scenario of dry cleaning in Gurgaonand Delhi NCR has changed drastically. People rely more on the online dry cleaning and laundry services than doing it all at home. Even at home people follow some very basic environmental friendly tips to keep green!

Some of these tips that one could keep in mind while doing laundry at home could include wearing the same cloth more than once before putting it out for laundry. Jeans or a shirt worn for an hour or two can easily be worn by an individual once more before putting it for wash but then again, you do have clothes that can be worn just once like your socks! Be eco-friendly but not at the cost one’s hygiene.

Further, washing clothes by hand helps one save water to a great extent. Its washing machines that uses litres of water but when it comes to washing by hand the water is used much more judicially. Hand washing of clothes does sound time consuming and requires much more efforts to be put in but the results are just better. Clothes that are washed by people by hand usually do not get faded and last longer. Further it serves as an exercise to us. Things like pedal washer have come into being in which our clothes get washed as we pedal! Thus, washing by hand is good for oneself as well as the environment.