Tip On Mold Removal

If there are any ‘guarantees’ about mold invading any residential or commercial space, it’s that it will cause problems if you don’t get rid of it.  Mold that’s left to grow on its own can cause respiratory and other health issues all the way through an entire building, let alone the damage it can cause in a small home.

Complete mold removal is the answer, and here are some key factors to ensure it gets done right.

Just like living with the mold is dangerous, so is removing it if you don’t take the proper safety precautions.  If you have to take certain actions that stir up the mold spores in the course of removal, you’re increasing your risk of respiratory problems.

The minimum safety equipment you should use for mold removal includes:

  • N-95 Respirator
  • Neoprene or rubber gloves
  • Properly fitted safety goggles
  • Disposable paper overalls

If you have prolonged exposure to mold planned, you might want to use a half or full face mask with proper HEPA filter, and a full suit with head and foot coverings impervious to mold.  Try to seal up any gaps in the clothing with duct tape, if possible.

Prevent Moisture
Mold needs water in order to grow, so if you’d like to prevent a situation where mold removal is necessary, attending to the moisture problem is a good start.  Excess moisture can find its way into a structure any number of ways, and sometimes it takes a concerted effort to find the reason.

Some of the causes include:

  • Roof or pipe leaks
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Unvented combustion appliances
  • Improper building materials
  • Insufficient maintenance

Do your best to eradicate moist spots and areas of unwanted moisture within the building or house.  If you don’t have a mold problem, but do have a moisture problem, the mold won’t be too far behind.

Create a Plan
If you know that your home or building has mold, it’s important to get a plan of action together sooner rather than later.  If you’re going to be logical about it, calling in professionals to look into the issue is usually the way to go.

Calling in pros is also the wise choice if you suspect mold but can’t actually see anything.  There are just too many opportunities to make the problem worse if you go poking around on your own.  Call in a reputable company that has a proven track record and let them get to work before someone gets sick.

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