Tips And Tricks To Maintain Year Round Curb Appeal

No matter what season it is, you should consider the following tips in order to make your house more pleasing to buyers:
Choose exterior colors as follows: A primary color for the siding, a secondary color for accents (such as shutters), and a third color can be used minimally, usually for the front door. The rule of thumb is to never use more than three colors, unless your home is Victorian style.

Take away any items that represent work, including home improvement materials or equipment. You want to sell a lifestyle to the emotional side of your buyer, meaning that you do not want to suggest the work that is required to maintain the property.
Clear the front of any garbage cans, recycling bins, children’s toys, bikes and anything that was not planted.
Remove any security company signs. It may give the impression that you need to scare thugs with the threat of security, or perhaps that the house has been broken into or is situated in a bad neighborhood.
Remove any “Beware of Dog” signs.
Park any vehicles in the garage if you are not already storing packed items there. Otherwise, park them away from the house or at the neighbor’s.
If your house doesn’t look like it’s ready to be pictured for a magazine, take a look at it from across the street and see what you can do to make it more presentable.
Open up your property by moving any boats, RVs, snowmobiles, watercrafts and ATVs to another location.
For winter viewings of your house, consider the following tips:
Rake the lawn and garden beds to rid them of dead plants, leaves and debris.
Distribute fresh mulch throughout the garden beds.
Ensure that the driveway and all walkways on the property have been cleared of snow and are safe.
Look above the entrance for any accumulating snow or ice and remove it.
Spread an ice melting product 30 minutes before viewings to ensure safe passage.
The following points will help you showcase your house during the holidays:
Keep decorations simple and avoid any strong references to religion.
Cut evergreen branches and twigs to make effective, no –cost decorations for your outside pots. Complete the look with accessories (e.g. bows) and place some lights in the center of the pot.
Keep holiday lighting to a minimum; festive without trying to compete for the neighborhood prize.
The following points will help you showcase your home during the spring:
Rake the lawn to freshen it after a long winter.
Rake the garden beds to rid them of dead plants, leaves and debris.
Spread new mulch throughout the garden beds to refresh them.
Sprinkle grass seed and a really good fertilizer, and water your lawn well; it will be no time before your grass is lush and green.
Plant annuals around the front door and/or porch area for an instant shot of color.
Prune any shrubs or trees that did not get any attention throughout the winter.
Power wash the deck for a fresh new look.
If your house has a front patio or porch, stage a social gathering. Spring is the time of year when people are looking forward to enjoying the outdoors, so this will encourage them to think positively when they enter the house.
For summer viewings, consider the following:
Turn on the sprinklers for five minutes, a half hour before the open house. It makes the lawn and driveway sparkle.
Create clean lines when edging your lawn, and renew the look with regular cuts around walkways, flower beds and driveways.
And finally, the following points will help you in the autumn season:
Refrain from celebrating with decorations if you can. If holiday decorations are strongly desired, keep it simple; nothing is worth disappointing your children.
Traci Brooks recently broke the June and July records for units rented at Cedarhurst Real Estates with help from her experience in home staging techniques.