Tips For A Good Online Presence On Facebook

Tips For A Good Online Presence On Facebook

Before starting the actual communication with your Facebook fans on behalf of your page, you need to ensure your page is correctly set up. The following lines include some useful tips about improving the quality of your Facebook presence.

1. The URL of the Page

The first thing you need to do is choosea name for your page that is simple and representative to your business. For example, if your business name is “Mike’s Boutique” a good URL would be If a certain username is taken, you can always make use of keywords such as “official”.

2.Choosing your Cover Photo and Profile Picture

Choose a profile picture and a cover photo that represents your business. One of these two images should contain your logo. Pay great attention to the image resolution, since low quality photos will never make a good impression for your fans.

3. Information Page – The About Section

Complete all the information in the “About”section of your page. In this way, you will ensure your fans know exactly what services or products you are offering. It would also be wise to include a link to your website in this section, so those who are really interested in your services will know exactly where to start if they want to buy from you. In addition, this is also a great way to increase the traffic to your page and the ranking in search engines implicitly.

4. Strategy

It is definitely important to have a communication strategy and follow it clearly. Before actually posting on behalf of your business, you should know exactly who you want to communicate with and how often you should do it. Set your priorities according to your goals and make use of powerful features such as Scheduled Posts.

5. Large Amount of Facebook Fans

Last but not least, having a large amount of Facebook fans for your page is crucial in the eyes of your clients. It creates social proof that your fan page has authority and that you are a popular business. You can buy real Facebook likesand buy real Facebook fans from reputable companies now to achieve this. Once you fans are boosted this creates a ripple effect as you will start to get more and more fans for your page.