Tips For A Great Day At The Water Park

Who doesn’t love a day at the water park?! Alright, there probably are lots of people who do not relish the thought of a day under the hot sun standing in line for twenty minutes for a three minute ride down a waterslide. We are here to remind readers there are other ways to enjoy amusement parks based on aquatic activities. It doesn’t have to be all sunstroke and sore feet. In fact, even the adults can have a blast with the proper preparation and planning.

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To begin with, seek out a resort with a fabulous indoor water park – yes they do exist! There are several quality indoor water parks around the US, all of them are attached to or on the same grounds as an excellent resort. The added benefit with this scenario is containment. If someone needs to run back to the suite for some reason, they do not have to leave the resort grounds. With the water park so close, kids can completely immerse themselves in water park festivities for the entire vacation – and parents do not have to purchase day passes or multiple entry tickets. Pretty sleek, isn’t it?!

What to Bring

Before leaving home, there are two items needed for everyone intending to enter the water park area. First of all, each member of the family should have an inexpensive pair of water shoes to wear around the water park. Not flip-flops or sandals, actual neoprene and rubber water shoes. Water covered tile floors are slippery, and no matter how hard the engineers try to make the floors non-slip, they are still wet and anyone is liable to have a fall. Wearing rubber soled neoprene water shoes are great for preventing falls. Water shoes also protect sensitive tootsies from sharp objects that may have been dropped, chipped tiles and so on.

Next, swim wear. Some water slides are so well designed, bodies can go zipping down at up to 50 miles per hour. Imagine whipping down a water slide at that speed and a lace from your bathing suit becomes caught on something. The body doesn’t stop sliding but the suit sure does, and there the poor kid goes shooting out the end of the slide as naked as the day they were born. The solution is simple: make sure everyone’s swim suits are free of zippers, buttons, and laces. Young ladies and women should stick to modest one piece suits, and the boys should wear baggy shorts (not tight trunks or speedos).

Indoor water parks will almost always have a ‘big kids’ area, ‘kids’ area, and ‘baby’ area. Stick to the age restrictions, as they are set for a reason. If you are looking after the wee one in the baby area, make sure to keep them in specially designed swim diapers. No one wants to be in pee-infested waters, and using regular diapers in the water will not only cause your little one discomfort, but they are ineffective at retaining the contents once they become submerged.

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