Tips For An Effective Legal Website

A law firm’s website is often times the source of a prospective client’s first impression. There are certain beneficial tips and tricks you should keep in mind while creating an effective website for your up and coming law firm.

Research the Competition

Spend time researching the websites of the most successful law firms in direct competition with you. While designing a website for your law firm, it is important to know what is working for competitors and how you can stand apart from the crowded pack. Also, most professionally designed websites will have some kind of calling card for the developer worked into the website in some inconspicuous way. If you come across a website you think is along the lines of the page you want for your law firm, make note of who designed it.

Personal Touches

Just like your law firm’s offices, the website you create should contain personal touches which express the firm’s individuality in order to be effective. There are different ways you can incorporate personalized content into your law firm’s website. Photos and biographies of staff members, a blog with posts written from personal perspectives and an overall style that matches the office and the people in it can go a long way to making a standard law firm website more unique.

Find the Right Developer

The developer you hire to help you create your law firm’s website should have the time, skill and vision necessary to produce the final product most beneficial to your business. Previously compiled research should help with the decision. Also, you should look at other websites done by the developer and try to contact client references to get an idea of how they work. Once you have the field narrowed to a short list of possible developers, meet with each and go over your vision and the ideas they have for your website. This will provide the information you need to pick the right developer for your law firm’s website.

 Stay Involved

Once you hire the perfect website developer it is important to stay involved in the process. Many law firms make the mistake of not maintaining communication through each stage. Continued communication with the developer working on your website will alert to any issues that come up, details that aren’t exactly how you want them and insight into how the website is being built.

An effective website for your law firm can increase visibility and exposure to potential clients. Personal touches and professional guidance can ensure a unique and personalized website for your firm.

Billy is a successful owner of a Houston based law firm, The Law Offices of Billy Skinner. He often gives advice to his readers on how to have an effective legal website.