Tips For Beginner Photographers

When you start out in your career as a photographer there are a few fundamental rules you should follow when exposing your business to the world. You need all the attention you can get because you need to strut your stuff to get known and be passed along the grape vine.

Find your technique
Every photographer has their own style and technique that lifts them over the rest. The more photos you take the better you will become and the faster you will see what works for you when it comes to technique. Play with angles, shutter speeds and depths of fields. Use different filters and lenses (example is the fish eye lens) to get unique photos for your client.
Remember composition
I always talk about composition as it makes the biggest change in a photo. You need to get different angles and better pictures than cousin Anthony who brought his $20,000 camera to the wedding. The camera doesn’t make the cut, it’s the skill of the photographer. Remember that you’re the photographer for the wedding and show them that they get their value for money when you give them interesting and unique photos.
Be on time
Photographers have a knack for being strange or being a bit unusual in their ways but something you should always respect is your deadlines and meetings. Be on time with your clients and they will respect you even before you start. Being a photographer also seals the deal but its all about making that first impression.
Get help if you need it
There’s a healthy amount of photographers out there who are great in their trade and who have sufficient experience to help you if you’re starting out or trying a new specialization in your field. Don’t overload yourself by trying to do everything on your own. If you need help you should reach out and get the help you need.
Assistants tie in with getting help. Sometimes you’ll need someone to move a reflector, hold a flash at just the right angle or even dealing with the clients while you are busy with their work. Many photographers start out as assistants and need someone to show them how to be a photographer, hence they sometimes come cheap and both of you get something out of the deal.
The last and final advice we can give you is to get a website, sign up for Facebook and twitter and build a customer base. Social Medias are a great way with interacting with your old and potential clients. A new client means new business, remember that as you chat with them online.
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