Tips For Choosing Your Staircase

All home-owners will have a rough or specific idea of how they want their home to look, on both the inside and outside. When it comes to planning the interior of course there may already be a staircase present, but if you are at the stage where you need to install one then you will be considering just how to go about it and the decisions you need to make.

Playing by the rules
Certain regulations may come into play when you are planning the implementation of your new staircase. It is of course important that it fits into the rules so check over this when you are planning the dimensions and also look over any guidelines related to balusters and railings.


It is always vital to ensure that your budget can accommodate what you are planning and with a staircase this will have a crucial effect on the specifications you choose to go with. Specialist staircase providers will be able to help you understand what kind of style and size you can afford.
Spiral staircases have proved to be particularly popular for some time now and they can give your property a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing edge. Of course it will be dictated to a large degree by any regulations you have to comply with, as well as your available budget. If you choose to go with the traditional straight staircase this is naturally more tried and tested but that does not mean that you cannot get creative with it. It could be said that somewhere between the spiral and straight style are the quarter and half-turned designs, it just depends where on the spectrum your requirements and preferences lie.
As with the style, the material of your staircase is impacted on by the cost and building rules. Steel and timber are used in a lot of cases and you can choose to have glass for the treads for example. The setting of your property will also be at the forefront of your thought process in this situation as obviously your home and business will have differing needs. Pine, oak and maple are among the different types of wood you can choose.
With your staircase, it is very similar to other parts of the planning process in the sense that you have to check over any rules or regulations to make sure that your ideas fit into the specific guidelines. From there it is a case of tailoring the style and material to your own preferences for how you want your property to look and function.
Article written by Caroline Turner representing who manufacture a large range of materials for aspects of your home or business such as windows, doors and staircases.