Tips For Enjoying A Safe and Fun Barbecue Party

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Barbeques are great outdoor activities as it involves cooking food in the open and enjoying some fun-filled time with one’s friends and family. It is a unique way to bond with people at a social gathering. However, since barbeques involve fire and cooking and take place outdoors, adequate safety precautions should be taken to avoid any mishap.

Barbeque Safety Tips

  • The first thing needed for a barbeque is the grill or the pit. It is best to buy from a renowned seller or a brand. Research on the internet or ask your friends before you decide on the final product. Start with a less complicated one and buy a bigger one once you’re used to it.
  • The next thing to do is get the meat. Buy fresh meat as the last item from the market so that there is the least time for it to rot till you reach for the freezer door. Once frozen, defrost it completely before putting it up on the barbeque grill. This will reduce chances of the meat remaining uncooked.
  • Deciding the location is also important. The spot must be away from hanging branches or trees in general and also away from traffic. Do not keep any flammable item near the grill.
  • Dressing appropriate is one of the most ignored, but crucial safety measures to be undertaken before starting the barbeque. Closed toe shoes, non-flowing, cotton clothes are best.
  • Use silicone gloves for bbq. Get FDA approved gloves since these can be used at temperatures up to 425 Fahrenheit. They have a no-slip design and sizes usually fit all. These gloves are waterproof and can be used for dishwashers. They give strong grips to hold all hot objects and you will not feel a thing!
  • Pouring lighting liquids on an already lit grill is never safe. Even if you have tried it before, remember that there is nothing less predictable than fire. It can simply flare up and burn whoever or whatever is close. Therefore all necessary precautions should be taken.

Some More Suggestions for a Successful Barbeque Venture

  • Putting some oil on the grill before placing the food or lighting the grill to prevent the food from getting stuck on the grill.
  • Tongs and spatulas are a must even apart from the silicone gloves for bbq.
  • Marinate the meat well for the flavors to settle well in the meat and for an even taste throughout.
  • Scrape off the excess meat and the burnt parts from the grill while it is still a bit hot. Use the silicone gloves for bbq at such points too.

Tips for Hosting a Barbecue Party

Now that you are aware of the safety measures, you might need some help with organizing the party. So here are some tips which you can follow when hosting a barbecue party:

  • The weather is the biggest factor deciding the success or failure of a barbecue party. It should be ideal to stay outdoors – not feeling too cold or too hot.
  • Food preparation must begin at least 12 hours before the party. Shopping must start a week or latest a couple of days before the event.
  • Thaw and marinate the meat with the right proportion of ingredients for a good taste.
  • Baked beans, potato salad and Cole slaw make for a traditional barbecue menu. If you are experimenting then look up alternate options for side dishes.
  • The decoration of the area should be in accordance with the theme.

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