Tips For High School Freshmen

Entering high school is a big deal. You are now no longer the popular class and are back down to being at the bottom of the social totem pole. High school is where you start to find out who you are and what you like to do, and in order to survive the next four years of your life, you need to use the following tips.

1. Make new friends.

You’re going to know people in your school, but you may not know everyone in your class. Try to make one or two friends in each of your classes so that you’re not always alone when it comes time to picking partners. If you see the same person in more than one class, strike up a conversation. Having people to talk to in each class will make high school more enjoyable, and you may even make a great friend in the process.

2. Find lunch buddies.

One of the worst things is to walk into the cafeteria without knowing who to sit with. If you see someone from one of your classes, ask them if you could sit with them. If you see friends from middle school, grab a seat next to them. Lunch is your break from classes, so make sure that you sit with people you like and that you find a place to sit. Otherwise you could end up sitting alone or with people that you don’t have any common interests with.

3. Understand that things are going to be different.

High school is not going to be like middle school. Teachers are going to be different, classes are going to be harder and you’re no longer the popular kid in school. You cannot walk into high school thinking that it’s going to be the same experience as every other school you’ve attended. By preparing yourself for the unexpected, you’ll have an easier transition.

4. Participate in extracurriculars.

Joining a group, club or team is a great way to make friends. High school is also a great time to try out new things that interest you. Being a part of a club or team is also a great thing for your college applications, and it can help keep you structured. In order to participate in extracurriculars, most schools require a certain GPA. If you want to stay active in your groups or on your teams, you’ll have to focus on keeping your grades up.

5. Say no.

Peer pressure is going to surround you, and don’t let it get the best of you. Don’t be pressured into smoking, drinking, taking drugs or anything else people ask you to do that you’re uncomfortable with or that’s illegal. Having a good head on your shoulders and making the right decisions will get your further than giving into peer pressure.

Before you worry about entering school as a freshmen, realize that it’s a rite of passage everyone must go through at some time in their life. It may be different or stressful for the first few days, but eventually, you’ll start to fit in and gain a routine with new friends and new classes.

Jack Carter is a college student and avid writer.  He is currently working on an essay on The Scarlet Letter.  In his spare time, Jack loves to read, blog, and hang out with friends.