Tips For Improving Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking

Tips For Improving Your Site’s Search Engine RankingA website that is well optimized for search engines gets more traffic and generate more revenue than non-optimized websites. If you have an ad supported niche blog, you will likely get more clicks and earn more from your site if your site enjoys top rank in the SERPs. Similarly, if you have a business website, you can likely reach more of your prospective customers and sell more of your products online if you have high traffic and a search engine optimized website. If you want to get more people to visit your site, see to it that you employ effective search engine optimization techniques. Here are different ways on how you can improve your site’s online ranking:

  • Think of Your Target Audience when Producing Content for Your Site

Webmasters are advised time and again to produce quality content that provide value to their readers. Unfortunately, many websites do not produce content for their target audience. They are optimizing their websites for the search engines instead of for human visitors. This is evident with how some websites stuff their articles with too many keywords that their articles are no longer comprehensible. Think of your human readers and not search engines when writing posts for your website. It will be best if you know who your target audiences are so you can write posts that are relevant to your readers. If you do not know who your target audience is, then you might want to do some research on who might be interested in the topics that you write about. If you have a website about business phone systems, for example, your readers are likely people who own and manage businesses and are researching on different communication systems they can use to connect with their clients and stakeholders. You may also want to visit websites that can give you the demographics of your readers. Once you determine who your audiences are, you will be able to choose a website design and produce content that is apt for your target readers.

  • Make It Easier for Search Engine Bots to Crawl Your Site

You can improve your site’s ranking if you are able to set up your site so search engine bots can easily crawl your content. You can do this by not using elements that the search engines cannot read. The robots cannot read frames, JavaScript and flash so avoid using these on your site as much as possible. If you do, you should at least use an alternative way for the search engines to crawl your site such as providing some forms of HTML links from your homepage to other pages in your site. If you want to know how search engine robots see and read your site, you may want to use the Lynx Viewer.

  • Ensure That You have a Fast Loading Website

Your readers want your website to load fast. If your site takes more than a minute to load, chances are your visitors will look for other sites on the internet. A faster website can also ensure you get better ranking in the SERPs because major search engines, Google in particular, now include site speed as one of the factors for ranking websites. Studies also reveal that sites that were able to reduce their loading times also experience a significant improvement in their traffic so make sure you have a fast loading website if you want to improve your ranking in the SERPs. You should avoid using too many images, videos and ads on your website because these are known to have a negative impact on your site’s loading speed.