Tips For Medical Students`: How To Make Money While You Study?

Most Medical Students wonder whether they can make a few extra bucks while still pursuing their Medical Studies. Mostly if you have a family to look after, don’t find delight in accumulating massive debts by the end of your study program and so much more. And yes, there may be few Medical students who pursue part time jobs, but some have been able to make it work for them.

As you try to juggle between studies and a part-time job, you can prepare for your residency by hiring a residency personal statement writing service, while you focus on your studies and earning a few $100. So, what are some of the work you can engage in to help make ends meet in addition to loans or your financial aid package?

Part-Time Job Options for Medical Students

A few students have chosen to get a part-time gig and for different reasons. Some need a job to keep them sane while others opt for medically related gigs to boost their studies. If you would like to try out a part-time job, you can consider the options outlined below. I mean, you also have the option of quitting if it doesn’t work for you, right?

1. Tutoring

There are many options for training; you can choose to offer your services physically or online, from the comfort of your room or home. Places, where you can tutor, may be in a school, a test prep company or on your own. As a medical student, you are most likely, well-versed with most of the sciences.

Why not make use of your skills and make a few bucks using the knowledge you have gained over the years?

2. Take a part-time gig

If after spending long hours studying and you would like a change of environment or directly interact with other people, you can take a part-time job as a bartender. You will get to interact and even converse with a different caliber of people, add a few coins to your expenditure free from a loan, and be able to put your mind on something other than your studies.

There are bookworm types who live, eat and breathe, study material. Once in awhile, it is ideal to rejuvenate your brain especially when you know you are at a stalemate, and you can seem to gain anything from studying, no matter what.

3. Take part in a Medical Study

Maybe you don’t want to invest a lot of time in a part-time gig, and you just want a one-off gig. You should consider being part of a Medical Study. You may only make a few $100 in a month, but if you spend it well, it will be worth the time invested.

Choosing to participate in a particular study that needs human volunteers will depend on what you are ready and willing to risk. Always, have this in mind.

4. Get a job that allows you to apply transferable skills

If all the above options do not appeal to you; you can always get a part-time job in the medical field. If you do your research properly, you may be able to secure a spot in a health related role. It will help you in expanding your network in the medical field, expose you to a particular path, not forgetting that you will be gaining valuable practical experience.

Do not wait until the point when you have to write residency statements, to start thinking about what you want to do with your life and future career.


As you ponder on where to get your letter of recommendation for residency, the above are some of the work that you can take to earn a few extra bucks or just to be able to interact with other people, aside from studying while in Medical School.

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