Tips For Slow Cooking Frozen Food

For many, the slow cooker fits into their hectic business schedules but did you know that using frozen food you can save even more time? In fact slow cooker frozen food brands have been popping up a lot recently and are becoming very popular for their ease and minimal preparation. However you can create these at home yourself that would compete with any of the frozen food suppliers’ brands available in store. It’s quite simple really; toss all your ingredients into lockable plastic bags including sauces, freeze it up and then later it’s ready to be tossed into the slow cooker as a block of yummy ice.

The Nature of Slow Cooking

To some this may seem a little unappetising and some may even worry about the safety of frozen food but the truth is the slow cooker is perfectly suited to the task at hand because of the nature of its process. The heat creates evaporation, more so than in any other process of cooking, and this means that no matter the temperature, frozen food will have its moisture both locked in and the excess evaporated out. In other words, the slow cooking time means that there is no damage to the food due to frozen packaging or any other related cause.

Slow Cooker Tips

In celebration of using the slow cooker for frozen food, from shops or homemade, let’s look at a few tips that can make the slow cooker process that little bit more convenient. First thing you’ll want to do as you prep the slow cooker is break out the cooking spray and give it a quick cover; this will make the clean up process that much easier. Also if you’re going to use a slow cooker, you’ll want to make it as full as possible. Another thing that will make the dish that much more delicious is getting the layering right; vegetables should create a bed for any meat while any sauces should sheet the vegetables.

Never Peak

It’s going to be no different with the frozen food than it is with thawed foods, we’ll let our human nature get the better of us but never ever peak. When you open the lid to check out how far along the food is, you only add an additional twenty minutes to the cooking time. If you have the time, and this tip goes against what we were talking about with frozen foods, you can also brown your meats for a more distinguished flavour.
These tips should get your started; the slow cooker is a very popular tool for people who do not have a lot of time to create elaborate dishes due to a hectic schedule. The frozen food solution makes preparing and cooking elaborate dishes simple to accomplish with great results.
Eugene Calvini is somewhat of an Igloo when it comes to foods; frozen is the way to go because of the added benefits of locking in essential vitamins.