Tips for Throwing an Exciting and Memorable Company Holiday Party

One of the most fun parts of planning your company’s holiday party is deciding on a theme. Whether you want to go with a classic holiday look, or something more unique and creative, giving your event a specific aesthetic can help set the tone and make it memorable. With the right choices, you can reflect the spirit of your organization while demonstrating your company’s culture and values. Here’s how!


When it comes to food, catering can make all the difference! Not only will you have more time to enjoy the party, but serving delicious dishes that everyone loves will also be a highlight of the night. And if there is a bar, ensure that classic holiday cocktails are available to really get the party going. Remember, if you are serving alcoholic beverages at your event, encourage people to partake responsibly. It’s wise to have alternative ride arrangements, whether it be ride-share or pre-designated drivers for the event, to be sure that everyone gets home safely.

Plan Ahead of Time 

When it comes to planning and prepping for your party, one of the most important things you can do is plan ahead. This means that when it comes to food, think about what dishes will be the best fit and how much time you’ll need to prepare them. Planning in advance can help ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your party and that everyone has enough to eat. You don’t want anyone going home hungry! 

Holiday-Themed Dishes 

When it comes to creating a unique and festive atmosphere at your holiday party, there is no better way than to serve up some delicious holiday-themed dishes. Think about classic recipes like eggnog cookies or gingerbread houses that people can enjoy while they mingle with friends and family. It will really bring together the spirit of the season! 

Personalize Your Dishes 

One great way to make sure everyone has an unforgettable time at your holiday gathering is by personalizing each dish for each guest. This could mean anything from customizing their favorite dessert or adding their name to their plate! Personalizing dishes is an easy yet effective way to make sure everyone leaves feeling special and appreciated.  


Nothing sets the mood better than music. A live band will deliver a high-energy show, while a DJ can provide crowd favorites that your guests are sure to love. Go a step further and showcase your live entertainment using a portable stage. This will lift the entertainment slightly so that everyone can see, and also creates a focal point for your host to make greetings, and announcements, and to award door prizes. Remember to have a nice mix of music, and keep the volume at an acceptable level so everyone can enjoy it without getting overwhelmed.

Choose Music that Sets the Mood 

The right music can set the tone for your entire event, so it’s important to choose music that matches the mood of your party. If you’re hosting a more formal get-together, consider classical or jazz renditions of holiday favorites like “Jingle Bells” or “White Christmas”. For a more relaxed atmosphere, select upbeat versions of classic tunes such as “All I Want for Christmas is You” or “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town”. And if you want something unique, try playing traditional carols with a twist – like acoustic covers or remixes! 

Plan Your Playlist Carefully 

Once you have chosen your musical theme, it is important to ensure each song flows well into the next. If possible, create a playlist in advance and make sure there is enough variety and energy throughout the night for everyone to enjoy. You should also bear in mind that people may want to dance, so make sure there are plenty of songs with up-tempo beats for them to enjoy! 

Encourage Audience Participation 

Audience participation is always fun and will help liven up any holiday event! Try introducing games like karaoke or charades; these activities will not only encourage guests to sing along but also provide them with an opportunity to socialize with other attendees. Additionally, live performances by local bands or DJs will add another layer of excitement to the evening while letting guests show off their moves on the dance floor!   


Of all these elements, decorations are often overlooked or quickly thrown together. But with a little extra effort and planning, you can use decorations to set the stage for an amazing party that your guests will remember for years to come. Let’s explore how to make your holiday decorations stand out! 

Create a Theme 

A great way to add some pizzazz to your decorations is by creating a theme. Whether you’re going for something classic like a winter wonderland, or something more unique like an enchanted forest, having a central theme helps unify all of your decor pieces and gives them purpose. Many themes also require special colors or materials that can be used throughout the event space—find one that speaks to you and run with it! 

Incorporate Personal Touches 

Adding personal touches can go a long way in making the decor special and memorable. This could mean using family heirlooms as part of the centerpieces or creating handmade elements like banners or garlands yourself. You can even have custom signs made with quotes that hold special meaning for you and your guests! It’s also important not to forget about adding small details—a few strategically placed lights here, some sprigs of pine there…these may seem insignificant on their own but when combined they create an atmosphere that feels truly special. 

Think Outside The Box 

Often times we think about decorating with only traditional items—wreaths, garlands, lights…but why not get creative? If you want the look of lights without needing an electrical outlet nearby, hang paper lanterns filled with battery-operated LED candles instead. Create vignettes around each table instead of one standard centerpiece by clustering different items together—it could be candles of various heights with greenery tucked between them, or glass vessels filled with unique trinkets such as old buttons or vintage jewelry pieces. These alternative ideas create visual interest without having any additional cost associated with them! 

No matter what theme you choose, the most important thing is to throw an enjoyable and memorable holiday party that celebrates your achievements as a team. With these tips, you can make sure your event stands out from the rest!