Tips For Using The Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Pet Messes

Having pets can be a fun and wonderful experience for both adults and children. Over time, they become part of the family, and are included in many activities, such as a day at the park, or even a trip to a dedicated pet park.
One thing that is not always talked about is the “accidents” that pets can create on rugs and floors. These accidents happen if the litter box was too full, or if the dog had not been let out in time to do their business. This creates a large mess than can be difficult to clean up properly.

Pick Up The Bulk Of The Mess Before Vacuuming

Whether the mess is solid or liquid, the bulk of it needs to be cleaned up, ideally with a paper towel or some old newspaper. If the mess is liquid, it should be gently blotted, not pressed or rubbed.
It may be easier to pick up any smaller pieces if the accident was solid or semi solid. The more that gets picked up, the easier it will be to treat it for stains and odors afterward.

Once most all of the solid mess and any heavy liquid has been cleaned up, the next step is to get out the Rainbow vacuum cleaner and use it to clean the carpet or tile floor.

Get A Deeper Clean To Reduce Odors And Stains

Some may think that once they can’t see the pet’s mess that it’s gone for good, but what ends up happening a lot of the time is that stains form, and sour odors may arise from the floor.
To prevent this from happening, the best defense is a strong one. This means choosing the right products and tools to make sure the floors stay as clean as possible despite the messes that pets can create.
After picking up the bulk of it, the next step is to spray a pre-treater or some type of cleaner on it. This helps to prevent it from seeping into the fibers of the carpet and causing a stain.
Some cleaners may also help to reduce odors that are associated with this type of mess. If left untreated, the rug or carpet will begin to have lingering odors that can be incredibly difficult to remove.
The final step in all of this is to use a carpet shampooer or a water based vacuum cleaner on the spot. These are the most powerful tools that can be used to get out every last bit of the stain.
Some may find it is best to clean the area around the stain when shampooing the carpet as it prevents uneven edges of cleanliness, or even bleached spots that are caused by some pre-treaters.

Prevent Future Stains By Being More Aware

The best way to always keep the floors free from pet messes is to try to be more aware of their needs. Litter boxes should be cleaned as often as possible, at least every few days if not daily.
Specially designed pads or papers can also be put down to give pets a place to “go” when they cannot go outside. These can be a lifesaver for those who may not be able to get home in time to walk the dog often enough.
Being aware of these needs can make it easier to help prevent the accidents, but if they do occur, pet owners can always rely on the Rainbow vacuum cleaner to help clean it up.
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