Tips For Working With A Claims Adjuster And Personal Injury Lawyer To Resolve Your Case

Dealing with a personal injury claim is rarely ever simple, no matter how straightforward a case may seem. In most instances, there are many tasks that need to be completed and people to talk to before the injured party gets anywhere near reaching a settlement agreement – and this must all be handled while trying to recover from injuries at the same time.

It’s for this reason that if you’ve been involved in an incident that you’re seeking restitution for, it’s best to let a personal injury lawyer take over and guide your case through the process, taking the burden off your shoulders and likely getting you a better settlement offer. Here are some tips for working efficiently with the claims adjuster assigned to your case as well as your personal injury lawyer.

Be Prepared For a Phone Call From a Claims Adjuster

Once the initial chaos of the incident has died down and been reported, you can expect to receive a call from a claims adjuster rather quickly. The more prepared you are for this, the less chance there will be of you getting caught off guard and possibly saying something that could later damage your claim.

It’s a good idea to remain calm and civilized no matter how upset you may be, get the information of the person you speak with, don’t reveal anything more than basic personal facts (name, address, phone number), carefully take notes of what is being said during the conservation and don’t consent to being recorded. Also refrain from giving out any details of your injuries or the incident that lead to them.

Find a Suitable Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

A lot of people make the mistake of waiting to consult with a personal injury lawyer, but hiring one sooner rather than later can significantly help your case. They will assist you in getting started on the necessary paperwork and with taking any additional calls from the claims adjuster. There is generally a time limit placed on how long you have to file a claim, which your lawyer will be aware of. They, too, will keep you from making errors that could end up lowering your settlement amount.

Be Aware of What the Claims Adjuster Will Be Looking For

Knowing the various factors that adjusters look for will keep you one step ahead in the claims process and help you avoid experiencing any surprises. They will review the police report, medical paperwork showing if and when you sought medical attention, if there were signs of any pre-existing conditions, DUI violations or other traffic citations related to the incident, statements you’ve made, witness testimony, photos of the scene and your injuries, your auto insurance policy and how your injuries relate to lost wages.

Allow Your Personal Injury Lawyer to Help You Negotiate

Generally speaking, claims adjusters don’t jump to offer too much right away and may even present you with a completely unreasonable amount. Personal injury lawyers have experience and skill when it comes to negotiating and can advise you on just how much your case should be worth so you know when it’s the right time to settle. They will help you steer clear of lowball offers and take on the task of continuing to negotiate until an agreement in your favor is reached.

Following these few suggestions for working with a claims adjuster and personal injury lawyer should leave you in a better position to resolve your case with the best settlement possible.

Tiffany Olson has a special interest in legal and law related topics. She lives in California and when she’s not writing about legal issues she loves to cook, read, and travel.