Tips On Getting Better Service From Restaurants

One of the worst experiences can happen in a restaurant. You could be tired from work, hungry, and all you want is to sit down and eat at your favorite fast food chain or favorite fine wine’n’dine establishment. Yet the moment you get to the cashier things go wrong. They cashier lady may be taking her time in getting your order, your food might be late, they may have given you the wrong dish, or at the worst case scenario you might have found dirt or a bug in your food. Everything can go wrong so quickly.

Most of the time, people blow their steam and scream their frustration out. It is always a good feeling to let off some steam but it is not going to guarantee you get what you want in the restaurant. Just consider the following tips to get better service:

Smile – the people working at the restaurant are just as tired and hungry as you are. Waitresses usually get all the hate but with a little smile and some compliments you’ll be surprised at how motivated they’ll be to serve you better.

Keep the phone away – when taking your order or just talking to the waiter or waitress about your concerns, try to keep your phone away for a while. It is rude to be talking to someone while fumbling with a text message or playing video games and they’ll give you just as much politeness as you do.

Speak clearly – always speak slower and speak clearly when talking to the staff such as when you are taking your order or asking for assistance. They are busy people so when you take the time to make it very clear and understandable they’ll be able to remember it better and they’ll appreciate the effort taken into it.

Be polite – you’ll be pretty surprised at how far a little “thank you” and “please” can improve your experience in the restaurant. If you happen to come to the restaurant in the afternoon or evening where everyone is already tired and exposed to too much customer hate and anger, a little politeness will easily switch things around. It’s no secret that workers will prioritize people who are nice to them.

Complain nicely – if you do come across a problem, don’t immediately blow your head off. Try repeating your problem to the worker and if it can’t be solved immediately then politely ask to talk to the manager. Managers have a suave way of getting around problems. If the waitress caused you any problem then don’t be stingy on the tip, just leave a note at the table or have a quick talk with a supervisor.

Remember that the people working there are humans too. With this in mind, the only secret is to be professional and polite. A little cheery smile, saying “please” or “thank you”, and taking problems professionally calm can guarantee you a better time at the restaurant.

This article is exclusively written by Artchee for this site. Artchee is also a contributing writer for who offers a fast food franchise opportunity.