Tips On Maintaining Your Generator

Tips On Maintaining Your Generator

Your generator is an important piece of equipment in a world where just about everything needs power to run; they are reliable, sturdy and durable whether you have a standby generator or a portable one that is used during emergencies. Most generators can carry heavy loads for long time periods and provide all the power you need to run home appliances and security systems. Just like all other vital equipment, you need to set a regular maintenance program for your generator so that it gives you quality service throughout its life. Generac dealers Fort Wayne recommend provide regular maintenance contracts where preventative maintenance is carried out; there are a few important things that are required to keep you generator running smoothly:

Engine running tests: The engine in your generator is placed under extra stress because of the load. It is important to conduct routine tests so as to keep it lubricated in order to prevent oxidation of electrical parts in addition to using the fuel without letting it deteriorate. Regular engine tests ensure that your generator starts without any hitches whatsoever during an emergency.

Battery testing: You need to ensure that the batteries are fully charged and well maintained so as to avoid damages. You want to make sure that they are inspected and tested constantly so that you are aware of its status; you want to avoid any startup problems. Don’t forget to keep the battery clean as part of routine maintenance.

Fuel system: You must ensure that the fuel filter of the Fort Wayne generator you own is drained frequently so as to remove water vapor and dust from the reservoir. The fuel you use must be changed at least every six to twelve months in order to avoid contamination or degradation. If you must store you diesel fuel for a long time, you want to make sure that the appropriate measures are taken to ensure that its quality is maintained. Many modern diesel brands such as bio-diesel are known to start deteriorating after about six months; contaminated diesel can easily damage you generators Fort Wayne, IN and shorten its lifespan.

Cooling system: Always make sure that you check the level of the coolant; always remove the radiator cap after shutting down the engine to allow it to cool down. Inspect the exterior of the coolant for any signs of dirt, grime or obstruction.

Lubrication service: Make sure that you check the level of the engine oil while the generator is being shut down and don’t forget to change the oil and the filter at the recommended intervals.

General Inspection: Always monitor the exhaust system of the generator throughout its running life in addition to the fuel system and DC electrical system and engine for any visible leaks to prevent hazards.