Tips to Fix ‘Request Timeout’ Error Message

The request timeout error message (404) is an HTTP code that indicates the web page you requested to server. Mistype of a wrong or incorrect URL would be another possibility that may cause request timeout error message. Also, remember that the 404 error message repeatedly adapt by every site, especially the large and heavy ones. On the other hand, when you log in to mywifiext for your extender setup, you experience the same error message. It is a local web address that has been proved very useful in setting up a Netgear range extender.

In case you are encountering 404 error issues, then we would insist you to have a look at our post where we have provided some rose-petal troubleshooting tips for you. Let’s delve in.

Troubleshooting Error Message

  1. Refresh your internet web browser.
  2. In you still see an error message while assessing net, then exit from the existing one and make the use of another internet browser.
  3. Also, clear all the malware, malicious files, cache, cookies as well as the browsing history from your computer or laptop.
  4. Shut down and after five minutes restart your device.
  5. Re-type the URL.
  6. On the other hand, check your internet connection whether your WiFi is enabled or not.
  7. Place your router openly.
  8. Use the latest version of modem and the router.
  9. Use a dust-free and cuts-free to connect your WiFi devices with the Netgear range extender.


  1. Here, you have to make sure that your router is properly and physically connected to the modem with the help of an USB cable.
  2. Note down that your router shouldn’t be hidden.
  3. Receive live internet connection from it, to configure your range extender not heat.
  4. Avoid installation and configuration of devices in high-voltage.
  5. Make the use of a valid IP address.
  6. Get in touch with our tech support team via email or toll-free number.


  1. Bring all your existing smart WiFi devices within range of newly arrived Netgear range extender.
  2. Connect all of them with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  3. Launch a web browser and carefully type com, into the address bar.

Note- Do not proceed until and unless you see blinking green lights on your range extender.

Things to Get Rid Of-

  1. Annoyance and Irritation.
  2. During the process of installation and configuration, avoid making use of metal appliances, cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors, doors, walls, etc.
  3. Turn off public WiFi.

Things to Implement During the Process of Configuration

  • Patience, tolerance, faith, and control.
  • Install Netgear Genie app and make configuration of your Netgear device easy and secure.
  • Set an extra strong and easy password. Do not make use of default login credentials.
  • There should be a limit set for guest access and parental control.

Important Note: Do not touch wireless setting, until and unless you are aware of it. If you still want to change, do not do so without the guidance of our expert technicians.

Fix 404 Error Message

  • Double check your URI– In most of the cases the URL you request could actually be the cause of the 404 or net error issues. Let’s imagine you accidentally request a URL that requires certain login credentials to access, depending on how the server is configured. Remember, this could trigger a 404 response from the server.
  • Check your Internet Connection– In case there is an issue with your internet connection or it is very slow, this could cause mywifiext login page too long to respond. If the server’s timeout value is exceeded, a 404 error will be returned.
  • Try Reloading the Page– There may be a temporary issue on the client side. So, to fix this issue, try refreshing the page that you are trying to access.

Hope we have proved a lot helpful for you in this post. If there is something left in your mind to ask, do let us know. You are free to drop your queries and feedback in the appearing comment section (below).