Tips To Follow Health And Safety Procedures At Work

Whether you work in an office, a construction site or a warehouse it is all equally important that you always follow health and safety procedures. Working in any type of building will have its safety issues, so you have to ensure that you are aware of the risks around you and you follow the rules which have been put in place to make sure that you or any people around you do not get hurt or injured. Here are some tips to make your workplace a safer place.


If you work in an office, then you will understand how frustrating wires are. Everywhere you turn there will be wires hanging out, it is important that you maintain these wires carefully so that people will not trip over loose wires. If you organise your wires properly in the office, they will be easily maintained and you will find that they won’t even get tangled! You should keep all wires to the edge of a room and pinned to the side of the wall. If the wires will not stretch to around of the edge of the room then you should get a wire protective cover to place over the wires so that there will be no loose wires which people can trip over.

Slips and Trips

Wherever you work you have to be wary about slips and trips in the workplace. You should provide relevant training to employees to explain how to avoid slips and trips in the workplace. This should be done by ensuring that you all employees use and put away equipment properly. If an employee does notice a spillage in the workplace, then they should not just walk off and ignore it, they should notify someone while someone else protects the area to warn others of the spillage. The spillage should be then cleared up.

Protective Clothing

It is important that if you have to wear protective clothing in the workplace that you do at all times. It may be necessary that you have to wear a high visibility jacket and a hard hat, if you are only going on the site for a couple of minutes, it is still very important that you wear the protective clothing.

Heavy Goods

Many of the injuries which people experience on construction sites can be from lifting a load which is too heavy for them. There are restrictions in place to what a single person should carry in the workplace. If you are worried about carrying goods which you think you may struggle with, then you should tell your supervisor that you are not comfortable carrying it. Businesses are now able to get lifting gear hire to their business if they do have a load which is too heavy to carry, so you should enquire about using lifting gear in the future.


Whichever type of business you work in, it is important that you receive the relevant training for your role. If you believe that you are not trained on a certain aspect of your job role which you have to carry out then you should speak to your supervisor or manager about receiving the correct training.

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