Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

So, you are going to the gym daily, lifting those weights, eating well but you are not gaining the muscle mass you want. You think you have tried everything and you are still not reaching your body goals. So, what can you do to get bigger?

Well for starters, you can read along the guidelines given below and figure it out for yourself:

Getting proper nutrition

You have taken your diet seriously and are avoiding eating junk food like the matador avoids the bull charging towards them. You are eating food prepared in your home, but are you eating it right? It is obligatory that to put on some weight you need to calculate your macros and stick strictly to your daily calorie count. If you don’t eat enough calories as per your body’s requirement it will be difficult for your body to gain weight. You might need to eat more than you are eating right now, also you may have to increase your protein intake. If you are not sure about which kind of food and how much you should eat, visit a certified dietician who will guide you thoroughly and give you a weekly diet plan.

Back to basics

We all wanted to skip the basic workouts and start with advanced ones as fast as we could. Surely you are able to lift more weight than you could before, but do you remember the last time you performed your beginner workout; the one with which you started your gym and reached the level you are at now. So, why not change your workout plan and get back to those good old basics? You will definitely be surprised as to how much farther you have come by repping your max on which your entire body used to struggle.

If you don’t want to go back to basics, you can try changing your workout patterns which will include new workouts or different rep range. When your body is hit by versatile workouts, the changed pattern will definitely help it grow. Just make sure you are not working out too close to either the air conditioner or the designer radiator at the gym, because extreme temperatures as such are not good for your body.

Get proper rest

So, you are going to the gym daily without fail but it is not going to help you if you don’t listen to your body’s demands. On the weekends after you hit legs, don’t rush in the next day to do random circuit hitting all body parts. It is absolutely necessary that you should let your body rest properly and let those muscles heal. Though you can exercise your muscles after 48 hours of rest, it takes 7 to 14 days for them to recover properly after we gets stretch and tear at it incessantly. It might also be your sleeping pattern which is disturbing you muscle gains.

Reduce rest time

If you are not taking rest after completing your set, you are seriously hurting your own body. You should take rest to give your muscles temporary relaxation to prepare them for the next set. Keep in mind that resting time should not exceed 45 seconds. If your rest time already is 45 seconds, reduce it to 30 seconds and go hard on the next set. Strike while the iron is hot!

Now, I know that the gym is not empty every time you visit as everybody is using same equipment to hit the particular muscle group. You are left with no choice but to wait while other person finishes their set. If you are a gym regular, you must be having an idea about which days the crowd is more attracted to which machine. So, while everyone is benching chest on Monday, why don’t you go to squat rack and hit legs keeping it all to you?

Thinking positive thoughts

To build a good body it is absolutely necessary that you have good mind to body connection. If you workout while nurturing negative thoughts in your mind, you are walking the path to failure and needless to say you are killing your self esteem. If your mind is in a constant state of helplessness, it is not going to help you build a good body. No matter the situation, you must leave all your troubles outside the gym when you walk in and think only positive thoughts as you lift those weights.

In the end, I would tell you to be consistent with your diet and gym schedule. Make a goal and work harder than you worked yesterday. I hope that the above given tips help you pack some pounds.