Tips To Improve Waste At Work

There is now a lot of pressure in small and large business to lower their carbon footprint. One way to do this is by reducing the amount of waste a business produces. Not only will you be making a huge difference to the environment but you may also find that your business can save some money.

Get the Team Involved

As a business, it is not just you that produces all the waste! So as a team you should all think of ways to reduce the waste that the business produces. You should get your team together to think of new ways to create as little waste as possible. This will get them involved and motivate to make a difference.

You should also ensure that all staff is aware of recycling and waste procedures which you currently have in place in your business. If any of the policies change through the year, you should update your staff so that they know how to deal with waste.

Reduce Waste

Often in the office we use resources which we do not necessarily need to use. This is easily done and can be easily changed! Many people in the office will go through paper like there is no tomorrow. You should make your staff aware that they should be wary when using the paper and not use it if it is not necessary. You can encourage them to use less paper by providing less paper in each office.


Many items in the office when they run out, you immediately just throw them in the bin. Instead of throwing them in the bin, you should think if there is anything better you can do with them. Instead of throwing batteries in the bin, there is now battery recycling points which you can bring your batteries too. Likewise, if the ink in the office printer runs out, you are able to get the ink refilled. Not only is this reducing waste but you will also save money!

Waste Management Companies

If you are struggling of thinking of ways to reduce your waste or encourage your work force, then you can also turn to a waste management company. A waste management company will assess your business and work out ways in which you can reduce your waste. There are various ways depending on your business which they can help you do this. Waste management companies can make a huge difference to the amount of waste your business produces.

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