Tips To Make Travel Arrangements For Executives

Has the day for the big meeting finally arrived? Have you been vested with the responsibility to make the travel arrangements for the executives? Well at some point of time you might just well have to carry out the administrative functions even if it is not your primary job. It might be a great opportunity to get praised for your other management skills as well.
So if you are in charge of making travel arrangements for one or more executives try making it in the best possible way. Get in touch with the travel agencies that your office generally works with. You can expect better services and quick action. Along with that here are a few tips that will help you to take care of the company’s travel needs and get noticed:
1.      Get the travel details: The first and foremost thing with any management stuff is that you need to know the details minutely.  Request the details of the travel from the executives. It would include details about the destination, dates for travel, return journey, seating preferences, transportation choices etc. This will help you to avoid any confusion later. You can also book the tickets and hotels in advance if needed. If there are any prior preferences that you are aware of like a contract limousine service or rental cars you can click here and get them ready beforehand.
2.      Keep note of any changes: You should be updated about any changes that take place regarding the travel or dates. If there is a change of schedule or of location you should take note of that immediately and consider making the necessary changes. It would also be advisable that you recheck on the papers and the passport validity dates of the executives before they travel. If the destination that they are travelling requires visas make sure you have them ready.
3.      Work closely with travel agency:Keeping touch with the travel agency and working with them closely can help you get your work done faster. Make a call to the agency and confirm the arrangements. Let them know that the travel is for business and you would prefer to get business class seats for the executives. Confirm the flights and the travel arrangements.
4.      Take travel miles into consideration: A traveler always gets travel miles on his airline mileage account. This can be beneficial for the traveler in the future. So before booking the tickets know what airline mileage account the travel miles should be deposited to.  As airlines do have alliances among themselves the miles earned can be transferred to other accounts as well.
5.      Ask for the itinerary copy: Before you get the fair copy of the ticket issued ask your travel agency to email you and the executives a copy of the itinerary. Go through the details carefully and make any necessary changes if required regarding the name, date or time. Get the confirmation of the flights, hotels and car rentals on that particular date. Only after you are satisfied with the details let the travel agency know when to issue the ticket. After it is done ask them to send a hard and soft copy to you and the executive.
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