Tips To Providing A Stress Free Kids Party

Organising your child’s birthday party is no easy feat! With trying to decide who to invite (when you have a list that is way too long!) to themes, party decorations and food! Where do you start?

After organising many, many children’s birthday parties, it is surprising that the simple ones actually stand out more. The parties where we spent a lot on themed supplies feel overcrowded in our memory.

So here are our best tips to organise your child’s birthday party.


There are two simple choices, you either invite a small number, perhaps the number matching the age your child is turning, or go the whole kit and caboodle and invite all their class and relatives. The thought of the second option may instil some fear, but truth be told this enables you to set up several activities and simply let the kids play, with just a few simple structured games. When there is a smaller group your input and facilitation of game is often more extensive.


The first question to ask is what is it that represents your child this year? Is it a favourite color, character or song. One year my child loved the color yellow, so a yellow party was so fitting. All of the kids came dressed in yellow, we had yellow decorations and yellow food. It was truly beautiful. In keeping with our advice not to overcrowd, pick 10 key decorating items that represent your theme.  Ensure that there are two featured on the party table, two on the cake table and at least one at the entrance. These are crucial areas to ensure your theme is eye catching.


Kids like familiar food at birthday parties. Stick to the simple party fare and add 2 themed plates, whether they be matching cupcakes or jelly cups. Sometimes the old traditional items are best! Kids are known to be fussy eaters and there is nothing worse than seeing all your hard work left over.


These will vary on the age your child is turning at their party. Many of the older style games are not used as much now, such as pass the parcel and musical chairs. More in favour are games where people do not go out. To avoid competition we often do craft activities, whether it be making a princess wand or creating some slime. These activities are just as much fun as a competitive game.

The key to a successful party is not having it all, but presenting everything in a simple manner that is eye catching. If every person goes home knowing what your child loves and having enjoyed themselves your party will be a fantastic success.

Neil Martin writes articles for