Tips To Score 90% Marks In Board Exam

We all know that exams play a very significant role in our lives. Exams not only tests our knowledge but also helps us realise where we stand in studies among our peers. Every year lakhs of students appear for different board exams like CBSE, ICSE and other board exams including state boards and hence the competition level is really high. Because of this reason almost every student, irrespective of their level of preparation and knowledge about the concepts, get nervous when it comes to appearing for the board exam. But you must always remember one thing, marks obtained in an examination act as a basis for selecting your preferred stream of specialisation and helps you decide what you want to study in college. So it is advised not to get panic and study ideally to achieve good marks in the board exam.

Here are some tips that will help you score 90% marks in the board exam:

1. Focus on Time Management: When it comes to preparation for the board exam, proper time management plays the most important role. You must come up with a well-planned preparation strategy including proper time distribution for each subject and short in-between breaks with a definite end. This should also include some time that is dedicated to solving the mock tests. Studying according to a planned strategy helps in preparing for the board exam in a more systematic and thorough manner.

2. Study According to your Syllabus: It is always the best idea to stick to your syllabus for the preparation of board exam. All the syllabus books that are made for different board exams are designed according to the strict syllabus of those respective boards and this has never happened in the history of board exam that question has come out of the syllabus.

3. Practice Previous Years’ Question Papers: If a student will solve all the previous year question papers then he or she will be definitely able to solve almost all the question that will come in the board exam. This will help to understand the question pattern, the weaker areas which need extra attention and helps to develop a sense of spending the right amount of time on each section. This way one can easily master difficult topics like thermodynamics, Ohms Law and etc.

4. Understand the Concept While Studying: You should always make a habit to understand the concepts rather than just mugging it up. Because without having an in-depth knowledge of a concept, one won’t be able to answer a related question to that particular concept asked in a different format. Therefore, it is essential to understand the concepts related to reasoning, mechanism, application, etc., to perform better in the exam.

5. Cover All the Important Topics: Covering the syllabus and practising it, is not enough to score well in the board exam. Students have to give more emphasis to the important concepts such as Newtons Laws of Motion from physics, Photosynthesis from biology, Algebra from maths and Organic Chemistry from chemistry to grab good marks smartly with less effort.

Apart from all these tips, one should stay positive and study in a more smarter way to succeed in any exam that is yet to come in his or her life.

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