To The Cloud!

It’s so innovative, game-changing, and amazingly efficient to think we can have everything that we want at our fingertips. The development of cloud technology, as tech experts claim, was the beginning of a new era in communication and accessibility.

When the internet was first created, you still needed to be at a physical location and communication was subject to landing pages and url addresses. If you needed information you wrote down the url address that provided that information and accessed it later when you got in front of a computer. If you wanted access to a document you created, you either had to put it on a USB or physically be on the same computer.

Cloud technology, however, has changed everything. But what exactly is the cloud?

What is it?

With data processing centers, servers, and laptops everywhere in the world, people are now able to access data space required to storage information. Using consolidation and conformity, a person is able to access information via the internet because no matter where they go, the internet follows.

The cloud works like a hard drive would on a traditional computer, where a person creates a file and saves it to the hard drive located on the machine. The only difference now is that the internet has become a huge hard drive with encrypted passwords for access to files. Your files and John Smith’s files may be located on the same hard drive, but John lives in Oregon and you live in Florida.

The access is based on your password encryption and categorization of information that the internet (as a hard drive) can access as storage material.

Simply put, the cloud is a conglomeration of servers leased out to people around the world with built-in software that allows access to files under a specific user code. All of the front-end interfaces, whether it be on your phone, computer, or tablet, grabs the information from the server and presents it to you via a consolidated user account on a universal hard drive.

Cloud Services

Companies like Google, Dropbox, and Apple all have cloud services, which are just software applications built to support security and encryption. Newer technology now allows you to share information from your user account with other people whom you give permission to for viewing pleasure. This originally was not available, but now businesses are able to consistently communicate and transfer information essential to mobile business.

What it Means for Us

Instead of 8am-5pm work hours, business is now a 24-hour, 365 days a year model. More opportunity for connection, more opportunity for advancement, efficiency, and productivity – this helps move society exponentially in the direction of engineering and technology. It allows people to more easily collaborate with others around the world. An employee in the United States can edit a document at the same time as their counterpart on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately, it also eliminates the need for human labor and increases unemployment. Eventually, we will need to find a way to increase the education level for jobs and build smart systems for individuals entering the workplace.

This article was written by Matthew Hall. Matthew is a tech enthusiast who is always excited about the next latest and greatest gadget. He is also a professional writer for You can read more of his work by visiting his Google+.