Toebesity: Surgery For Toes Like ‘Toe’blerones

It’s indisputably true that cosmetic surgery is here to stay. Some of the truly incredible things this leap in surgical technology can accomplish and indeed, has accomplished, is unbelievable, dispensing of course, with the train wreck celebrity nasal extravaganzas of Latoya Jackson, Bruce Jenner and all their now-hideous friends, cosmetic surgery is performing some genuinely incredible tricks across the UK and the rest of world when it is done safely by specialist, accredited doctors. When you undertake cosmetic surgery, you are, of course taking risks, and the latest cosmetic craze to sweep America, the latest reason to risk everything by going under the knife, is toe surgery.
That’s not re-structural toe surgery for victims of steamroller-related accidents, nor is it necessary cosmetic reformation for hereditary diseases that cause imbalance and unsightly feet. This is merely the next thing American women are neurotically obsessing over, and inevitably, before long, won’t leave the house for a night out without a splash of toe surgery.

What is it?

Toe-besity, as the media is crudely, hilariously naming it, is sweeping the States; with women everywhere on a mission to file down those tubby toes and fit into chicken-wire shoes that come complete with ankle-shattering structural impossibilities. Slimming down toes, as well as the occasional toe-shortening, is undoubtedly a controversial new topic amongst surgeons and experts alike in the world of cosmetic surgery.
Chiefly, whilst it’s all fine and well to undertake such superficial surgery, especially if you’re particularly, socially-cripplingly embarrassed by the width of your toes, it must be remembered that, despite it being a smaller job than most, the risks are just the same.

The Expert Opinion

Dr Hillary Brenner, a New York podiatric surgeon details the risks to include:
• Anaesthesia
• Infection
• Deformity through imprecise surgery
• Reoccurrence
• The general risks that come with under-the-knife surgery
On top of that, she also states that she doesn’t ‘think it’s ethical unless you’re having pain’.
Ethical temperament aside, it’s always important to be aware that no matter how miniscule the surgery may be, the risks involved amount to the same, and should be examined thoroughly.
Dr. Zong, another New York podiatrist who’s at the forefront of toe surgery’s recent outburst has been inundated with requests to slim down toes. As well as purely cosmetic, shoe-related intentions, many people go to Dr. Zong with pain or comfort issues that are caused by an excessively large toe.
Considered on the flipside to that of fitting into a new pair of shoes, toe surgery is definitely beneficial for those who require it, through the pain of restrictive footwear, or through genuine embarrassment.
Even Dr. Zong however explicitly highlights that the procedure needs to be safe, and that there should be something real to fix. Looking for safe, certified and experienced cosmetic surgeons should be the number one priority no matter what kind of cosmetic upgrades you’re considering.
Dr. Brenner’s steadfast standpoint on the matter, often flat-out refusing requested cosmetic work could be considered gallant in some specific situations, however, to fix a genuine toe-related problem that causes discomfort or a walking impediment is surely just another feather in the cap of the abilities relating to cosmetic surgery?
So is toe surgery outrageous and unjustified, or simply the next step in the ever increasing quest for perceived aesthetic perfection? Will the fad die in the States, or are we destined to follow suit here in the UK, where our culture dictates a similar regard for excessive measures when it comes to ‘looking right’. Regardless, finding a doctor who’s fully qualified, experienced and accredited will minimise those risks, should you decide to have your foot shaved off in the name of high heels.
This post was written on behalf of Safer Cosmetics. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, toe or otherwise, Safer Cosmetics are on hand to deliver experienced, personal advice and can point you in the right direction of an expert, reliable cosmetic doctor.