TomTom XL 550TM Review – Cheap And Affordable GPS Navigation

The TomTom XL 550TM GPS is a very reliable small in-car portable device which comes with an adhesive disk so you can easily mount it into your car’s windscreen.  It also comes with a USB cable, easy to understand user manual TomTom lifetime maps and an in-car charger so you can get started straight out of the box as soon as you get into your car.  The TomTom XL 550TM GPS has pre-loaded maps all major countries and regions including Europe and North America plus has database of points of interest files bundled with it that gives you access to over 7 million different locations, services, and attractions.

Reasonable Battery Life and Good Display

In terms of display, the touch screen 5 inches wide. 3.5 inches tall and easy to use and it has a battery life of three hours – although this is only an issue if you choose not to use the charger when driving your car.  It also has text to speech and turn by turn navigation commands which are clear and simple to understand.  Voice guidance is a great function as it keeps your eyes on the road and can help to prevent accidents whilst referring to the on screen maps when driving. 

Download TomTom Map Updates

It is also possible to download TomTom map updates that have been uploaded by other TomTom customers and users on their Map Share Platform.  This could save you money on map updates through the lifetime of ownership of this GPS product.  Unlike some in-car navigation system you do not need to update the maps using a software DVD.  For those types of devices please visit the “GPSNavigationDVD” website.  Another major advantage to the TomTom GPS is that it is so small and lightweight that it is possible to carry it anywhere that you go – but be aware that it is not waterproof.

Includes MP3 Player and PC Connectivity

The TomTom XL 550TM GPS also includes some rather cool features like MP3 playback and compatibility and PC connectivity – one stumbling block to purchase could be the fact that it will not work with Bluetooth so you cannot make hands free calls using the GPS.  However, you can take advantage of the calculator, FM transmitter, currency converter, Internet connectivity and world travel clock whilst on the move which might appeal to people who travel a lot on business.

1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

The TomTom XL-550TM GPS comes with a full year’s guarantee including warranty, parts and labor so there is the peace of mind offered should anything go wrong with the GPS – although TomTom are a very well respected brand when it comes to reliability and sturdiness so hopefully you should not have any problems with this particular GPS device. 

To conclude, the TomTom GPS XL-550TM version is a great device for most people who don’t want a very expensive and feature rich product that will simply get them from A to B. In terms of comparative models from other companies, then you might want to check out the Garmin 205w which is of a similar price, but does actually have a wide screen display as well as very cool real time traffic alerts. 

Thanks: This GPS review was written by the Bob Simmons who is an automotive blogger specializing in GPS devices, map updates, and in-car navigation.