Top 10 Attractions In Dubai

World-class luxury hotels such as the “One & Only” Hotel and Atlantis “The Palm” offer holidaymakers the chance to stay in Dubai in style and comfort. No matter which hotel you stay at, you’re sure to find plenty of enthralling attractions and enticing sites of interest throughout Dubai. Here are 10 of the top attractions and must-see destinations in the city.

Burj Khalifa
The world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa towers over the Dubai skyline and is among the city’s most recognisable landmarks. Its observation deck offers stunning views of the cityscape from a staggering 452 metres above the ground.
Palm Islands
The world’s largest and most unique artificial islands, the Palm Islands boasts brilliant views of the sea and the cityscape. One of Dubai’s most interesting destinations, they are definitely not to be missed.
Dubai Museum
The Dubai Museum hosts a wealth of exhibits that focus on Dubai’s vast history and rich culture. A top destination for holidaymakers interested in learning for about the city’s heritage and rise into a global power, the Dubai Museum is a must-see attraction.
Bastakiya District
One of the city’s oldest and most historic neighbourhoods, the Bastakiya District plays host to a bevy of historical buildings as well as fine galleries and top-notch restaurants and cafes.
Jumeirah Mosque
A marvel of Islamic architecture and design, the Jumeirah Mosque is the largest mosque in Dubai and one of the city’s most respected locales. Special tours are available for visitors, offering the chance to see the beautiful mosque up-close.
The Dubai Mall
This sprawling, ultramodern shopping centre lays claim to the title of the world’s largest mall. With more than 1,200 shops and mega-stores to explore as well as attractions like an indoor aquarium, the Dubai Mall offers something for everyone.
Mall of the Emirates
Another massive retail epicentre, the Mall of the Emirates is packed with shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and the Ski Centre, an indoor skiing slope and one of the city’s most unique sites of interest.
Dubai Zoo
One of the largest zoos in the Middle East, the Dubai Zoo offers a wide variety of animal exhibits to explore. Fun for all ages, the Dubai Zoo is one of the city’s hidden gem attractions.
This unique neighbourhood is one of Dubai’s most ethnically diverse districts. Packed with Indian and Filipino restaurants and shops, Satwa also boasts a trove of markets, trinket shops and gold and textile stores, giving the area a historic yet diverse atmosphere.
Dubai Marina
One of the city’s newest and most popular developments, the Dubai Marina features golden beaches, posh hotels, fine shops, cafes and restaurants and spectacular views of the city’s ever-growing skyline. A top spot for everything from leisure to shopping to touring, a visit to the Dubai Marina is a must for every visitor.
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