Top 10 Buildings That Incorporate Tensile Structures

Why Tensile Structures?

There are several reasons why tensile structures are so popular around the world. Among them are:

  • Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other types of structure
  • Tension can be increased or decreased depending on weather conditions
  • Tensile structures can be used to harness and provide an energy source to buildings

Typically, tensile structures are used as the alternative to a traditional roof, and are now widely used in many different types and styles of building around the world.
What are the 10 most memorable buildings for tensile structures?

1. The O2, London
Famous music venue as well as sports arena and general entertainment complex, the tensile roof is supported by 100 metre high steel masts.

2. Hampshire Cricket Ground
One of the most distinctively designed sports stadiums in England, the structure and design of this roof provides perfect protection from weather, and various energy storage possibilities.

3. Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
Only the stage and surround area itself is actually covered at this venue, however it remains one of the most distinct cultural designs in the whole of Australia.

4. Munich Olympic Stadium
This famous stadium is only half covered, yet that half is protected by a stunning tensile roof that has become synonymous with sports stadiums around the world.

5. Denver International Airport
The terminal at Denver International is covered by a distinct tensile structure, enabling much of the light within the building to be natural, saving money and on emissions.

6. David Beckham Soccer Academy, London
Only a stones’ throw away from the previously mentioned O2 building, the Beckham Academy is another distinctive feature on the local landscape.

7. Tropicana Field, Florida
Home to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, this permanently covered stadium is unique within the Major League, with its sloping roof another distinct feature.

8. Georgia Dome, Atlanta
This stadium is famous for having hosted two Superbowls, among many other sporting events. This stadium has the largest cable supported dome on the planet.

9. Royal Marquee, Kazakhstan
This entertainment centre in the Kazakh capital, Astana, is home to the tallest tensile structure in the world. Among the features of this building are an indoor beach resort and a shopping centre.

10. Saddledome, Calgary, Canada
So-called due to its distinctive, saddle shaped roof, the Calgary Saddledome is home primarily to local ice hockey teams, and is owned by a not for profit organisation.

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