Top 10 iPhone Apps To Help You With Personal Injury

The sure way to annoy a GP used to be to arrive at the surgery with a list of self-diagnosed potential ills using Internet resources.
There is now a new way to please GPs – and that is to upload some of the free medical apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch and manage chronic conditions like asthma or obesity with help from a dedicated app.
The government announced the proposal earlier in 2012, so soon we could all be ‘appy and healthy.

However, medical conditions should always have a professional diagnosis if the symptoms are severe, traumatic or last for more than 48 hours without showing signs of improvement. There are times, however, when using a medical app to check your symptoms can help you decide whether you need to see a doctor.
Many health websites such as Boots or NHS Direct have symptom checkers online.
But if you are out and about or abroad, having a handy app to help give a rough idea of what sudden or severe symptoms might be can actually help you decide whether to head off to your GP surgery or A&E.
Here are the Top 10 apps to help you have a quick – health check or if you suffer injuries in an accident but are not sure if you need checking out by a doctor.
NHS Direct apps for Android and iPhone ( are free and offer instant on screen advice and a symptom checker. The apps are linked to NHS Direct phone helpline in case you need further help
Boots Eye Check on your iPhone ( offers four different eye checks, including astigmatism – as well as questions to further assess eye health and advice on what to do next.
iBP Blood Pressure App is available in the App Store for $0.99 and will help give you an approximate blood pressure reading so that you can monitor it over a period of time. The app offers systolic and diastolic readings, plus pulse rate and weight.
Instant Heart Rate App is available from the iPhone App Store and is thought by some to be the most accurate heart rate monitor and works by finding a pulse in the tip of your index finger. The results are shown as a BPM reading and graph which tracks changes.
iMobile Care iPhone App guides you through First Aid procedures and could be a life saver in an emergency. The info covers everything from asthma attacks, fever, car accidents, diabetes, mosquito bites and more. Don’t leave phone without it.
A.D.A.M. Symptom Navigator App does exactly what it says on the app – enter your sex, body type and the part of your body causing problems. Check your symptoms and possible diagnoses and then put your mind at ease or see your GP.
Can I Drive Yet? App is one of the App Store’s most popular apps and acts as a guide as to whether you are within the limit after having had a drink. Users enter their sex and weight and how many drinks they had consumed and when they started drinking for a rough guide of when they can get behind the wheel.
BMI Tracker App allows you to work out your BMI (body mass index) rate, which is a test of obesity levels and general height. Enter sex, height and weight to get the result.
Ford Car Allergy Alert ® App uses Ford’s SyncAppLink platform and has just been launched. The IMS Allergy Alert App uses info from IMS Health so you need never sneeze at the driving wheel ever again. Ford has fitted the app to 10 of its car models and is expected to roll out more health apps in the future.
Speedometer App is another app which does what it says on the app – but could easily save your life. You can use it to calculate velocity over a certain distance or to adjust your speedometer. The app can also be used by walkers and runners. The app is available from the App Store and there is a web version at
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