Top 10 Student Essentials

Students waiting for their A Level results, and about to head off to University, should give some thought to the essential items that they should take with them. Whether moving into campus accommodation, or moving into a shared flat, there’s a number of different things that should be brought along, or picked up in the first few weeks of a move. Ranging from a good laptop to smartphones, sandwich makers and stationery, the following are some of the top student essentials for the year, and years ahead:

1 – Laptop
Having a decent laptop should mean that you have the computer you need for the whole of your degree – barring accidents or it being stolen. Making an investment now means that you’ll have a fast laptop that’s portable enough to be taken to lectures, seminars, and the library. Whether or not you want to use the same laptop to play games will also factor into its basic costs.

2 – Smartphone
If you don’t already have one, a smartphone is a great investment. Like a laptop, you can take notes in lectures and seminars, draw up a calendar and reminders, and make calls using Skype. Smartphones also come in handy for navigating an unfamiliar campus or city, and can be set up to download notes and upload essays on the go.

3 – First Aid Kit
While this might seem like a bit of a negative item to have, it can be useful for your room. Cuts and bruises that aren’t serious enough to go to the doctor’s can be solved by a first aid kit, which can also contain some basic antibiotics for any allergies or colds picked up in the first few weeks.

4 – Printer
While a printer may seem like an expensive investment for your room, you’ll be thankful when you don’t have to queue up for last minute deadline printing at the end of a term.

5 – Sandwich Maker
A basic sandwich maker in your room can be a great way to make new friends in the first few weeks of the year, and can be a life saver after a night out if you want to skip the kebab shop on the way home.

6 – Stationery Collection
While you can now do a lot of your work via a laptop or tablet, it’s still worth having a decent stationary collection, as well as dictionaries and calculators. Having a drawer of paper, pens and pencils will save you having to pick up new items as you go along.

7 – Bike
A good bike can get you to and from lectures quicker, and can provide valuable exercise. However, be sure to have a safe storage space to keep it, especially when on campus. Most student accommodation buildings will have a small garage, or lockable shed for bikes if they’re not allowed inside the building.

8 – Extension Cables
A useful thing to have when you realise that your bedroom only has two power sockets, an electrical extension cable can be picked up cheaply. Be careful, however, to check that you’re not overloading the power in your room.

9 – Washing Bag
Always useful when you need to cart your dirty washing to and from machines in a building or a launderette, a washing bag can help save your room from becoming a mess.

10 – Storage Boxes
Having a few good storage boxes when you arrive in an accommodation is essential, especially if you space under your bed. When moving into accommodation, less is more is usually the best approach, as you can always pick up new things during the year.

Written by a former student turned technology evangelist with a passionfor higher education. Sharing tips on everything from development to unlocking the doors to further education. Why not check out the wide range of A-level courses available at Lansdowne College in London