Top 10 Tips For Cleaning Your Home

While cleaning isn’t my favourite thing to do, you can really make light work of cleaning your home by following a few simple steps. Check out our list of ideas for making cleaning a breeze!

Use Quality Products

Using quality products can greatly reduce your time spent cleaning. If you find a product that assists you in getting the job done, be sure to keep some handy, for those regular cleaning days.

Get the Family involved

There should never be just one cleaner in the house, so why not get your family involved, to make cleaning more fun! Put on some music and work together as a team – you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can make the house sparkle!

Allocate Rooms

Cleaning your entire house from top to bottom will have you tired, often resulting in the job taking twice as long. Dividing your cleaning duties into different rooms each day, can help you to be more efficient, in turn making this a less time-consuming task.

Update your Appliances

Have you ever noticed that older appliances often seem harder to clean? Well, you’re not going crazy. Many modern appliances have various features to make cleaning easier, such as non-stick surfaces and easily removable parts. So, it may be time to update those worn-out appliances after all!

Eucalyptus Oil

Sticky residue is no longer a nightmare to remove, with the use of eucalyptus oil. This natural cleaning product is safe for the entire family and removes the remnants of stickers in an instant.

Choose Tiles

Carpeting can be a hassle to clean, as it is often difficult to get down to where the build-up of dirt and germs are hiding. Tiles or other smooth floor coverings provide an easily cleanable surface.

Confine your Mess

Cleaning after entertaining guests can really take the fun out of the experience. Choose to host your party in an outdoor entertaining area and use disposable dinnerware to reduce the need for cleaning.

Utilise Storage

Cleanliness not only relates to a build-up of dirt, but also a build-up of mess. Untidy areas can easily make your home seem more unclean than it is. Utilise your storage space and pack away that unnecessary clutter today!

Choose a Durable Bench Surface

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, you should always consider the material used to create your bench tops. If you are building a new home or renovating in the future, choosing a durable surface could make a noticeable difference. Durable surfaces allow you to put in the elbow grease, without damaging delicate materials, allowing you to efficiently clean your kitchen.

Clean Regularly

Maintaining a regular cleaning roster will see you spending your weekends with your family, rather than cleaning your house! Spend a few minutes tidying each day and you’re sure to notice the difference when Spring Cleaning time comes around.

Tony is one of the leading House Builders Brisbane, Australia, has to offer. He often finds his children making a mess of his family home and provides these tips for anyone in the same situation. Tony recommends doing a little bit of cleaning more frequently so it doesn’t seem like such a big job.