Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials

Although the average woman buys 60 new clothing items every year, fashion and style consultants insist on the fact that a basic wardrobe is made up of no more than 10 garments. When these items are well chosen and fit properly, they can easily be combined in order to create different looks, from formal to casual. Hence the concept of “wardrobe bingo”, which allows you to wear (or “cross off”) a number basic items and combine them to create the best look for every occasion.

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Essential items that every woman must have in their wardrobe
1 – The little black dress
This is an all-time classic that no woman should be without. There are as many little black dress styles as preferences, so it pays off to invest in a dress that enhances your body shape and that you feel comfortable wearing.
A little black dress is obviously the garment of choice for special occasions, especially for evening outings, where it can be worn with black heels and fine jewellery to create a glamorous look. It is also possible to dress a little black dress down by teaming it with a cardigan and a scarf, or by creating a daring look with patterned or coloured stockings and flats.
2- Jeans
Finding the perfect pair of jeans will probably take a few visits to the dressing room. Having said that, straight or boot cut-style jeans tend to suit most women and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the circumstances.
For a casual look, wear your jeans with boots and a T-shirt or vest. During the colder months you can complete the look with scarves and a cardigan. A more formal look can be achieved by combining jeans with a dressy shirt and a coat or blazer. Jeans can also be worn on a night out, teamed with high heels and well-fitting top.
3- A white long-sleeved shirt (or a pinstripe shirt)
This is a versatile item that can be worn to the office along with a pencil skirt or a pair of dressy trousers, but it can also be combined with jeans and a blazer for a shopping trip, a weekend break, or a night out with friends.
4- A black vest or top
This item can be used for layering or worn on its own during summer night outings. It is better to choose a vest with no patterns and little or no adornments, as that gives you more freedom to combine it with other items and to accessorise to create new looks.
Wear a black top with jeans and flats for a casual and comfortable look, or team it with high heels, a wide belt, and a pencil skirt for an elegant outfit.

5- The high-waisted pencil skirt
An office essential but also a good option to wear on a special date, along with high heels or sandals and a revealing black vest.
6- A cardigan
Cardigans can be worn with jeans for casual looks or coupled with a formal dress to achieve a relaxed and romantic look. It’s best to stick to neutral colours.
7- Black trousers
These make the perfect office outfit together with a formal shirt and a fitted jacket, but can also be worn on nights out with a strapless top and high heels.
8- A fitted jacket or blazer
This is an essential item to add a classy touch to any outfit, including jeans.
9- A three quarter length coat
A well-fitting coat in neutral tones can be worn with jeans and boots for a countryside-getaway look, or it can be the perfect complement to an elegant LBD and heels ensemble.
10- Accessories
The following can help you transform your outfits in no time:
-Clutch bags
-Good quality belts
-A pair of black heels
-Winter boots
Do not let the amount of clothes you own be a limiting factor. As this article has shown, a basic wardrobe is enough to suit most occasions as long as you are creative and choose items that fit well. Why not start re-organising your wardrobe today?
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