Top 3 Alternatives to Windows Movie Maker

This article is concerned with Windows Movie Maker, a video editor, designed by Microsoft Company for creating and/or editing video clips and mini movies. Basically, this program does not fall into the category of professional software. However, it contains all functionalities required to make perfect video with interesting picture and sound effects. So, with Windows Movie Maker you can:

– create and/or edit digital video recordings;
– edit audio and sound;
– add various titles, captions, video and audio effects to an image;
– preview projects and clips;
– modify projects;
– make freeze frames, slides, slide-shows;
– convert video from one format into another;
– cut clips;
– save and send films;
– view films in a fast or a slow mode;
– import video from a digital/analog video camera or a flash drive;
– add audio tracks;
– create various transitions between clips.

This software is forever free and it supports the following video formats: AVI, ASF, DVR-MS, MPEG, MPG, MP2, WMV, M1V, VM, MPV2. It should be borne in mind that specific program versions can be installed only on corresponding versions of Windows OS. In this regard, special mention should be made of top 3 alternatives to Windows Movie Maker. They are Adobe Premiere Pro, Virtual Dub and Muvee Reveal.

Adobe Premiere Pro is considered the powerful toolset for editing video with a number of creative features. It works in a mode of real time with the latest formats such as HD, DSLR, RAW, HDV etc. Adobe Premiere Pro contains perfect tools for processing audio and video files, for instance, a Wrap Stabilizer to provide footage stabilization. Another integrated tool is Adobe Bridge, which is used for complete file management. In fact, this software is more suitable for professionals who are interested in top quality and efficient functionality.

Virtual Dub is a convenient video editor with a set of audio and video filters (blur, brightness/contrast, flip, threshold, levels, emboss, smooth etc) to provide qualitative remastering of the required data. Key features are as follows: video recompression without sound recompression and vice versa, sound delay changing, batch mode of data processing, separation of video and audio into different files, working with several audio tracks and so on. It has integrated MPEG-1 and Motion JPEG decoding units and it allows connecting other audio and video codecs.

Muvee Reveal, which is distinguished by the extreme simplicity. A user should perform only four operations to get the desired result, to wit:

– add photos and videos;
– choose a desirable presentation style (there are about ten possible alternatives);
– add music;
– preview the completed project.

Muvee Reveal allows adding captions, including transition effects with background music, saving to several formats, adjusting images and videos with audio tracks.

To sum up, no matter, which video editor you will prefer, the point is that there are unlimited possibilities to create perfect video clips and movies at home.

This post was contributed by D. Blackthorn – software specialist, digital video enthusiast, technology blogger and webmaster. Visit iTunes to MP3 converter – my current software project.