Top 3 Benefits Of Getting An Undergrad Degree In Psychology

By pursuing an undergrad degree in psychology, you open yourself up to limitless options for your career. Learning about the human mind is a fascinating experience, and you can use this knowledge to benefit a variety of industries. Professional athletic teams frequently hire sports psychologists who can help motivate their key players before big games. Celebrities frequently meet with a psychologist to prepare for a specific movie role or to engage in positive visualization before a big red carpet event. You can make this degree fit whatever your desires are for your career. Whether you want to be part of the medicine world, Hollywood or the professional sports industry, you can find your niche with a psychology degree. Here are the top three benefits of pursuing this degree.
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1. Tailor your psychology degree to your desires.
You will be able to tailor your psychology degree to accomplish anything that you want in this life. People who become psychology majors are actually able to become actresses and actors because they have such a great understanding of human nature. You can also work one-on-one with patients if this is what you truly desire. Having a psychology degree will help you find a position as a counselor that does not require an additional eight years of education. You can become a clinical psychologist who works with patients who have suffered closed head injuries when you earn this type of degree.

2. There is unlimited earning potential with a psychology degree.
Because the career opportunities are unlimited with a psychology degree, the earning potential that you have is also unlimited. You may be in your 20s and release a book that becomes widely read by millions of people in the United States. You may have a specialty and have knowledge that is in high demand. You can earn as much money as you desire when you have a psychology degree. If you want to become a multi-millionaire, all you have to do is market yourself effectively. More and more psychologists are finding that there is a growing demand for psychologists who can help people who have spending and money issues. In this difficult economy, thousands of individuals are resorting to spending extra money as a way to deal with their problems. Financial psychology is a growing area for psychologists, because more and more people are filing for bankruptcy every year. These individuals require someone they can speak with about the stress of filing for bankruptcy.

3. Learn valuable skills for life.
By pursuing a psychology major, you will learn valuable skills that stay with you for life. At the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, for example, psychology majors are required to participate in research studies, so they have an understanding of the steps required to create and conduct a research study. This can be effective preparation for those students who are considering pursuing a doctoral degree in psychology later in their lives. One will also be able to learn about the internal motivations and ways that humans make decisions in life. Having this knowledge can actually help a student understand his or her own thought processes and become more aware of his or her nature.

When you pursue an undergrad degree in psychology, you are pursuing a degree that will benefit you for life. An undergrad degree in psychology is a highly valuable degree for the number of doors that it opens for you. You can make the most of your degree by connecting with alumni who have the same degree and have graduated from your alma mater.

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Carmen Michaels is a psychology professor and guest blogger at Best Psychology Schools Online, a site with resources and rankings to help prospective students find the best online bachelor’s in psychology.